Automate Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Powered by Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and Red Hat Satellite

As an organization using Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, choosing the right operating system (OS) is a huge part of success in the modern business environment. However, as your organization’s footprint grows from your datacenter to a business that spans multiple cloud environments and extends to the edge of the network, managing that infrastructure consistently demands automation.

Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform and Red Hat Satellite can help simplify the deployment and management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux across IT environments and which situations call for one tool or the other (or both).

In this e-book, we'll look at:

  • Why automation is a key component of scaling your investment in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • The benefits of using Ansible Automation Platform, including examples of use cases
  • How automation helps with operating at the edge of the network
  • How to get started with automation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Automate Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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