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We All Become Challenger Banks

We all Become Challenger Banks

The emergence of new challenger banks marks an important shift for financial services in the Asian Pacific region (APAC). Competition is expanding and the rules of engagement are changing. Challenger banks will influence the industry by encouraging other players to act and operate like challenger banks themselves.

The webinar offered on-demand, We All Become Challenger Banks, explores how 2021 calls for new banking business models ​that focus on customer journeys and innovating faster as key points of differentiation​.

The panel of speakers includes:

  • Michael Araneta, Associate Vice President and Head of Advisory and Research, IDC Financial Insights
  • Kaspar Situmorang, Executive Vice President, Bank Rakyat Indonesia
  • Vincent Caldeira, Chief Financial Services Industry Technologist, Red Hat APAC
  • Puneet Chhahira, Head of Marketing and FinTech Engagements, Infosys Finacle

Watch the webinar recording to find out more about how the financial services industry in APAC is being reshaped and how in 2021 we all become challenger banks.