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Secure your container platform across the stack

Get container consistency without sacrificing security

With containers, software developers and operations teams can launch and manage applications with speed and consistency. But some enterprises are missing those gains because of security fears.

Security doesn’t have to be a barrier. By taking the same steps they would with any running process, IT teams can get the benefits of containers without giving up on data and application security.

There are 10 layers of container security, and you can take advantage of each with Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform. From multitenancy, access control, and network isolation, to the content of the containers themselves, there are many opportunities to build a secure container platform.

You can get the consistency of containers without compromising security:

  • Start by building security into your container strategy
  • There are 10 layers of security across the container stack and life cycle
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform offers options across all 10 layers

Build security into every level of your container platform. Download the technology detail.