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451 Research Report

Containers rise to the challenges of hybrid IT

Deploy containers on OpenStack and free your apps from environmental restrictions

Containers package everything an application needs. They’re portable across infrastructure, which makes them ideal for hybrid deployments. Containers also make it easy to ensure consistency across environments because they package and isolate applications with their entire runtime environment—all of the files necessary to run. This allows containers to deploy in multiple environments, like physical servers, virtual machines, and private or public clouds. But, while containers can be deployed on a variety of infrastructure, some environments support containers better than others.

OpenStack’s dynamic scalability helps make it an ideal infrastructure for containers. Containers and OpenStack originated in open source communities, a combination that leads to improved efficiency and simplicity compared to virtual machines.

Containers are valuable tools in hybrid environments because they:

  • Start up faster than virtual machines
  • Enable operational efficiency
  • Mitigate conflicts across environments


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