Digital transformation refocused: New goals require new strategies

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HBR Digital Transformation Refocused

Paving the way for successful digital transformation

Now, more than two years since the Covid-19 pandemic began, most organizations are well into their digital transformation. They’ve stood up new technologies, launched new customer experiences, and adapted to dramatic changes in both processes and culture. But how have companies fared in their digital transformation efforts in 2021, and what priorities and goals do they have for 2022 and beyond?

Read this report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to explore how digital transformation has evolved over time, the main challenges companies are experiencing today, what leading organizations are doing differently, and steps that businesses can take to identify and address key focal areas in the year ahead.

Companies are struggling to get it right

Despite culture increasing in importance, organizations appear to be having trouble improving it: just 31% rate their organization’s performance in modernizing workplace cultures in 2021 as being effective.

Organizations are looking at enhancing collaboration

To address cultural shortcomings, almost two-thirds (65%) say they are focusing most on collaboration to enable digital transformation in their organization. These efforts include support for sharing work, initiating projects in group settings, and effectively connecting with additional project groups to form cross-functional teams.

Priorities on automation, analytics, and AI

Modernizing technology takes a multi-faceted approach. Digital leaders are investing heavily, with 50% spending on process automation, and 40% toward cloud analytics. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is highly prioritized, with 44% bankrolling those technologies.

Not enough businesses focus on the transformation part of digital transformation, and the transformation part has always been about people. This has been the blind spot for so many digital transformation efforts—it’s what a lot of companies are missing

Charlene Li, Chief research officer, PA Consulting

Digital transformation is more important than ever

92% of executives surveyed say their organization’s digital transformation will become more important to business success over the next 12 months.

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Digital transformation refocused: New goals require new strategies