Accelerating transformation for a post-Covid-19 world

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Accelerating transformation for a post-covid-19 world

Digital transformation in the face of global disruption

Hundreds of executives from business sectors around the world share how the Covid-19 pandemic affected their companies’ digital transformation efforts. Many were forced to reevaluate their priorities, and create new strategies to adapt. Read this report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to discover how digital leaders are reexamining where they are and how they move forward.

Remote work presents challenges

An overwhelming majority (84%) of executives say that having the right culture is important for their digital transformation, but still presents hurdles. Prior to Covid-19, adopting cultural changes was difficult. However, the pandemic caused businesses to adapt to the sudden changes in how employees get their work done.

Streamline processes for digital innovation

Outdated workflow processes present barriers to digital transformation efforts. Nearly half (48%) of survey respondents say that updating existing business policies and processes present the biggest challenge to their digital transformation efforts. However, a large portion (57%) are turning to continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) to modernize their processes as they address changing business requirements.

Priorities on automation, analytics, and AI

Modernizing technology to meet the demands of our new work environments takes a multi-faceted approach. Digital leaders are investing heavily, with 53% spending on process automation, and 47% are devoting resources toward collaboration platforms for data sharing, content creation, and videoconferencing. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is highly prioritized, with 47% bankrolling those technologies.

The Covid pandemic has been a huge catalyst for transformation projects. Expanding digital services became an imperative when it became impossible to engage with clients in an analog way.

Kai Bender, Oliver Wyman

Digital transformation is more important than ever

The disruptions around the world from Covid-19 have put a great deal of pressure on companies to adapt to abrupt changes just to survive. A majority (95%) of global leaders surveyed said that digital transformation has taken on more importance in the last 12 months, likely because of the pandemic.

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Accelerating transformation for a post-Covid-19 world