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Discover how Red Hat customers get a trillion dollar benefit from their operating system

This IDC study investigates the economic reach of Red Hat’s flagship operating system and why it’s the world's leading enterprise Linux platform. It identifies Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s global footprint, the advantages it brings to IT organizations, and the opportunity it creates for Red Hat’s partners and customers. 

Some of the key takeaways are: 

  • The software and applications running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux will "touch" $13 trillion of business revenue this year

  • Half of all new workloads in the past 24 months have been deployed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux will provide economic benefits of more than $2.2 trillion per year to customers

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux has an ecosystem of nearly 1 million IT professionals to support it

Download the study to learn more about the tremendous impact that Red Hat Enterprise Linux has on the global economy.