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Embracing Containers

Discover why containers are important and how Red Hat OpenShift® can help you improve productivity and reduce costs.

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How Containers benefit your business

Containers and container orchestration are highly desirable technologies that give enterprises the agility to embrace new business opportunities in a cloud-centric world. Organizations must respond quickly to retain customers and grow the business under increasing global competition. The customer experience takes priority, and it is critical to have the right applications and infrastructure in place to succeed with strategic initiatives.

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Overview statements on advantages


A recent IDC study sponsored by Red Hat projected that investing in containers will yield a US $10.89 million value per organization


Containers facilitate faster time to market by enabling development teams to deliver new applications and features more frequently, and in less time

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661% return on investment

Discover how Red Hat® OpenShift® can give you a 661% return on investment

Learn compelling reasons for adopting containers, including:

  • What is a container?

  • How containers benefit business.

  • How container management promotes digital transformation.

  • The benefits of Red Hat OpenShift for hybrid cloud development.
Embracing Containers

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