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Event-driven architecture: A Red Hat thought leadership event 2021

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Application modernization patterns with Apache Kafka, Debezium and Kubernetes, Bilgin Ibryam

Creating modern distributed applications is not an easy task: such systems have to follow the 12-factor app principles and be event-driven. In this session we will take you on a journey exploring how to start from a monolithic application and gradually transition to a modern distributed, scalable application.

Streaming Apps That Spark Joy With Kafka, Edson Yanaga

Join us for this session where we'll go through a streaming journey: learning the basics and concepts of Kafka and how you can develop, deploy and execute streaming applications successfully in a highly productive way by leveraging superpowers like Kafka, Quarkus, Reactive Streams and more.

Serverless Functions Development with CloudEvents and Quarkus, Daniel Oh

In this session, we'll walk you through how efficiently Quarkus enables Java developers to scaffold serverless functions projects then bind the functions with CloudEvents in a Kubernetes/OpenShift cluster in 5 minutes.

Event-driven APIs, Hugo Guerrero

With Apache Kafka’s rise for event-driven architectures, developers require a specification to design effective event-driven APIs. During this session, we will be covering various API related topics.

Going from Java Message Service (JMS) to EDA, what middleware adventures have taught us, Markus Eisele

Traditional middleware has come a long way from centralized systems to web services, complex event processing and SOA. This talk will take you on a modernization adventure and will help you understand the differences and evolutions of technology.