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Time to migrate your workloads to Red Hat OpenShift 4

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Explore an open platform and infinite possibilities

Red Hat® OpenShift® 4 represents a significant change in the way that OpenShift Container Platform clusters are deployed, managed, and developed. Operators, Serverless, Service Mesh, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS (RHCOS), are all new to OpenShift 4 and are redefining what’s possible with the next generation of Kubernetes platforms. Red Hat® OpenShift® 4 allows you to experience the breakthrough capabilities of everything Kubernetes has to offer.


Benefit of migration to Red Hat OpenShift 4

Explore new technologies and functionality that Red Hat OpenShift 4 offers


Plan your migration to Red Hat OpenShift 4

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Step-by-step migration

Follow instructions for migrating your OpenShift Container Platform cluster from version 3 to version 4.


Lifecycle Policy

As per product lifecycle, full support for Red Hat OpenShift 3.11 ends in June 2021 and Maintenance Support ends in June 2022.

Technical Support

Red Hat Experts here to support any technical issues related to migration


Customer Success Story

Learn how Swedbank migrated to Red Hat OpenShift 4 successfully 

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