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Free Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Level up your hybrid cloud agility with free Red Hat OpenShift entitlements

Your business needs to innovate faster than ever before, and you need developer agility and operational consistency to help you get there. Red Hat® OpenShift® is an open source container application platform based on the Kubernetes container orchestration system that is designed to improve the way containerized applications are developed, deployed, and managed. Built on the trusted foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat OpenShift inherits the security, stability, and ecosystem partnerships that you know and expect. Just as Red Hat brought the price and performance advantages of Linux to the enterprise, we also offer the same with container platforms—your innovation platform for now and the future.

If you are an eligible customer who is interested in free, fully supported access to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, complete the form and a member of your account team will contact you shortly.

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