A platform ecosystem as a catalyst for transformation

Does your internal digital platform foster strategic agility?

In most organizations, a dichotomy exists between the need for both differentiation and scale. Development groups are often incentivized to generate business differentiation. Operations groups are generally incentivized to focus on operational efficiency through scalability. To achieve scale, operations groups must limit variation in the types of workloads while also decreasing risk. Many argue that this friction helps keep each group in check, though most times it manifests itself as wasted resources and attrition in the workforce.

This e-book describes a holistic approach to using a platform ecosystem as a central tool of transformation. The ecosystem consists of a digital platform, a platform team that creates and manages the platform as a product, and a platform community that helps the platform ecosystem thrive and fulfill a sustainable purpose. Sections include:

  • Why transformation efforts fail: Three common myths.

  • A platform ecosystem as a catalyst for strategic agility and a tool for transformation.

  • A digital platform and platform team as a focal point of transformation.

  • The role of the community in the platform ecosystem.

  • Recommendations for implementation.

Download the e-book and hear how to successfully roll out an internal digital platform that can lead to strategic agility within your enterprise.