Boost business agility

A guide to modernizing IT with hybrid cloud and containers

Complex, hard-to-manage environments, and manual processes hinder IT operations teams from providing resources and services at the speed that developers demand. Ops teams need to maintain infrastructure control, security, and reliability but don't want to become a bottleneck.

A streamlined, agile, scalable, and fast IT environment can help you overcome these challenges. This e-book provides guidance on how to modernize IT with hybrid cloud, multicloud, containers, and Kubernetes. Topics include: 

  1. Building a containerized hybrid cloud with Red Hat.
  2. Reducing IT complexity.
  3. Acclerating IT and development.
  4. Scaling applications and services without limits.

Download the e-book—which includes customer success stories from Intermountain Healthcare, UPS, and LeShop.ch—for the details.