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Free Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform or Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Level up your cloud-native integration with free Red Hat Integration and Red Hat OpenShift entitlements

After years of successfully running integrations based on Red Hat® Fuse 6, we are happy you have decided to level up to Red Hat Fuse 7. 

By now, you have probably activated your ten free cores of Red Hat Integration, which—in addition to Red Hat Fuse 7—provide API connectivity and management, real-time messaging, change data capture, data streaming, and Red Hat Runtimes to develop cloud-native applications.

Combining Red Hat Integration with Red Hat OpenShift® provides the ideal platform to develop and deliver cloud-native applications. Red Hat Integration provides a jump start to creating productive applications on top of Red Hat OpenShift, gives business owners shorter time to value, and makes the business case for investment more demonstrable.

What better way to enjoy that than receiving free cores of our award-winning container platform? 

As a Red Hat Fuse 6 subscriber, once you have activated your Red Hat Integration subscriptions, you are eligible to receive free, fully supported access to 10 cores of either Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform or Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated. This free entitlement will allow you to run your cloud-native integrations on OpenShift and take your enterprise to the next level.

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