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The Total Economic Impact of Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

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Red Hat® OpenShift® Dedicated is an enterprise-grade Kubernetes application platform that is delivered as a hosted service and fully managed by Red Hat. It provides a powerful on-ramp for organizations to a hybrid cloud model by running Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on-premise and seamlessly extending workloads to take advantage of the scale of a public cloud.

This analyst paper from Forrester Consulting provides:

  • A description of the OpenShift Dedicated customer journey.
  • An analysis of the benefits of using OpenShift Dedicated.
  • An analysis of the cost of using OpenShift Dedicated.

Download this paper for the analysis and findings about how an organization based on interviews experienced benefits of $4.3M over 3 years versus costs of $981K, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $3.4M and an ROI of 343%.

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