Help shape the future of automation with Project Wisdom

Red Hat and IBM are training an AI model to infuse Ansible with new capabilities, and we’re looking for your help. Project Wisdom will make it easier for anyone to write Ansible Playbooks with AI-generated recommendations—think pair programming with an AI in the "navigator" seat.

But first, our AI needs to be fine-tuned on a diversity of real-world use cases, so we’re seeking testers to try it out (and maybe even break something).

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Project Wisdom demo

Automating the deployment of a web application.

What is Project Wisdom?

Project Wisdom is a Red Hat initiative developed in collaboration with IBM Research to infuse Ansible with a set of unique artificial intelligence capabilities. These capabilities will make it easier for beginners to learn Ansible, and faster to use if you’re already an expert.

More specifically, Project Wisdom will be able to read plain English entered by a user, and then generate automation content written in the Ansible syntax: Ansible Playbooks and Ansible Roles. It will be accessed as a feature within the Ansible extension for Visual Studio Code, and will work with new and existing documents.

Project news and updates


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By Ashesh Badani, Senior Vice President, Head of Products

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What are the planned capabilities?

Content generation

The first capability planned for Project Wisdom, content generation, will allow users to enter a request in plain English and receive a syntactically correct and functional playbook or role.

Content discovery

Project Wisdom’s roadmap includes plans for a content discovery capability, which will alert a user who is writing a playbook of any similar, existing playbooks that might achieve a similar outcome and cut down on playbook redundancies.

Content explanation

Project Wisdom’s roadmap includes plans for a content explanation capability, which would read a playbook or role entered by a user (for example, one downloaded from the internet) and explain in plain English the intent and effects if executed.

Content optimization

Project Wisdom’s roadmap includes plans for a content optimization capability, which will review automation content and suggest revisions according to user-defined optimization metrics, Red Hat’s best practices, or security and compliance policies.

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