Analyst Paper

Save administrator time and effort with automated monitoring

The numbers behind improving efficiency by automating common tasks

Over half of system administrator time is spent performing routine tasks. Scripting and scheduled jobs can offset some of that time, but maintaining consistent scripts across complex environments is almost as time-consuming and can be difficult in dynamic, cloud-based ecosystems. And some tasks, like monitoring, that are simple on a single instance, can be almost impossible when dealing with hundreds or thousands of systems.

Automation can offer consistency and efficiency, and with tools like Red Hat® Insights, even provide a central dashboard for monitoring and analytics.

And we have the numbers to back this up. Working with researchers and Linux® administrators at Principled Technologies, we identified a set of core tasks and tracked the number of steps and overall time to set up common administrative jobs, both manually and using Red Hat Insights. We looked into:

  •  Performance tuning a key workload (SQL database)
  •  Patching systems
  •  Identifying vulnerable systems and applying CVEs
  •  Defining configuration policies
  •  Identifying configuration drift

For all 5 tasks, the time to completion was under 90 seconds, reducing the total time as much as 96%.

Download the analyst paper to find out more.