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The Business Value of Red Hat Integration Products

Rapidly integrate modern applications across diverse environments with Red Hat Fuse

To be competitive today, you must deploy robust, innovative applications that meet your customers’ needs. Many times, those new apps depend on existing apps and data sources to function. The success of your apps—not to mention your ability to compete—depends on your ability to integrate new services with old systems and technologies.

And as you continue to grow into areas like cloud and mobile, integration between apps and systems becomes increasingly important.

In "The Business Value of Red Hat Integration Products" IDC whitepaper, six organizations discuss the benefits and value they’ve found in using Red Hat® Fuse for rapid app integration.

By integrating with Red Hat Fuse, these organizations achieved:

  • An average three-year ROI of 520%.
  • A payback time of six months.
  • 5.5x more apps integrated per year.
  • 31% better app performance.

Download the IDC whitepaper to learn more, and see how Red Hat Fuse can make your apps more efficient and productive.