eNovance Acquisition FAQ - June 2014

Q: What is being announced?

A: Red Hat has signed a definitive agreement to acquire eNovance.

Q: How many people are employed by eNovance and where are they located?

A: eNovance has approximately 110 employees worldwide, with primary sites in Paris and Montreal.

Q: Why eNovance?

A: As enterprise interest in OpenStack grows, so does the need for specialized services. eNovance is known as a leader in OpenStack services for the enterprise, and has deep expertise in OpenStack technologies. In the fall of 2013 Red Hat partnered with eNovance to deliver OpenStack integration services to joint customers, and in May of 2014, extended this partnership to drive “carrier-grade” features into OpenStack. Now with eNovance as part of Red Hat, we will be able to offer customers world class OpenStack technologies with greater, more integrated core advisory and implementation services.

Q: What are eNovance's core areas of expertise?

A: eNovance specializes in a wide range of core OpenStack services, including Ceph.

Q: How does eNovance compete in today's market?

A: eNovance has been a leader in OpenStack services, working directly with major Telecommunications and other companies to design, develop and deliver OpenStack based solutions. They have been successful due to their deep OpenStack expertise coupled with a strong customer focus.

Q: What is Red Hat's plan of action with respect to eNovance's existing products?

A: eNovance's existing products historically have been focused on enabling their services business. Although integration details will be finalized after closing, we intend to combine our product development activities and teams to enhance Red Hat's OpenStack products and services.

Q: What is Red Hat's plan with regard to eNovance's Managed Services business? Will you continue to sell and support them?

A: eNovance's Managed Services business will be managed as part of the eNovance services portfolio, and eNovance will continue to honor commitments to its Managed Services customers as part of this.

Q: How are eNovance's services different from Red Hat's current offerings?

A: eNovance immediately adds deep and broad OpenStack services expertise and scale to a growing core of Red Hat OpenStack capabilities. It represents a rapid and immediate global expansion of our OpenStack services capabilities, consistent with our existing focus.

Q: How does this impact your Certified Cloud Partner and System Integrator Partners?

A: Our OpenStack services focus isn't changing, but eNovance will help us address global market needs. Our OpenStack services have always been complementary to those of our cloud and SI partners, and this will not change as a result of this acquisition.