The State ofEnterprise Open Source

A Red Hat® Report

2019 | Research conducted by Illuminas

Enterprise open source plays a strategic role

Importance of enterprise open source

Extremely important 29% Very important 40% Important 20% Somewhat important 10% Not at all important 1% TOTAL

950 total interviews were conducted with
IT leaders worldwide

About this report

This survey of 950 IT leaders was commissioned by Red Hat to better understand the unique role of enterprise open source. Respondents were unaware that Red Hat was the sponsor of this research.

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Enterprise open source in use across the organization

We are increasingly seeing open source used in categories that have historically been more associated with proprietary applications.

Where is enterprise open source being used?

Enterprise open source modernizes the enterprise

What is enterprise open source being used for?

  • IT modernization icon 53% IT infrastructure modernization
  • application icon 43% Application development
  • integration icon 43% Application integration
  • rocket 42% Digital transformation
  • application modernization icon 42% Application modernization
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For us, this is our way to become more agile. That’s our biggest push. We don’t want dependency upon these proprietary companies. We want those shackles to be broken. We still want support because we’re not ready to take off the guardrails.

Innovation and security rank among the top benefits of using enterprise open source solutions

Open source is increasingly used not because it’s cheaper—though it often is—but because it’s genuinely better software.

Open source is powering innovation at many organizations, and its importance is reflected in its increased use—both looking back over the past year and looking forward to the next.

Change in use of enterprise open source over the past 12 months

  • 68 Increase
  • 29 Stay the same
  • 3 Decrease

Change in use of enterprise open source over the next 12 months

  • 59 Increase
  • 39 Stay the same
  • 2 Decrease

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The full report details how and why open source solutions are making their way into enterprises with such remarkable momentum. And it explains some of the ways companies are turning to enterprise open source solutions for modernizing their approaches to IT.

For more detail, as well as findings by region, download the English report.