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Red Hat AMQ Broker Architecture

Watch recording from July 1, 2020

Red Hat AMQ Broker follows the JMS 2.0 standard. The audience for this is for anyone interested in deploying AMQ Broker into their environments as an open-source alternative to proprietary software.This webinar will detect various design and deployment strategies for AMQ brokers on VMs as well as on an OpenShift Cluster. We will also deep dive into various technical aspects to be considered when deploying an AMQ Broker on client environment.

The following topics will be covered in the Webinar:

  • Introduction to Red Hat AMQ
  • AMQ Broker architecture and deployment strategies
  • Test cases and performance benchmarks
  • Details on AMQ Administration

Shrikant Chavan

Shrikant Chavan

Consultant, Red Hat

Shrikant has been working with Red Hat for more than a year. He has 9+ years of experience on middleware products working in different technical roles. His primary role in Red Hat is to consult customers for successfully adopting Red Hat’s middleware products.