API-led modernization: From monolithic architectures to modern microservices

  • September 7, 2017
  • Webinar

While the CIO's dilemma of optimizing the existing environment while growing new capabilities hasn't 
changed, the playing field has—dramatically. New, speedy ways to develop applications and deliver 
them, such as with microservices, are now creating chasms where once there were gaps in your digital 
effort. Enter APIs—the answer to how and where to start. 

Modernizing with APIs provides a smooth modernization path for government agencies—from 
establishing API use, to extending legacy systems with them, to ultimately transitioning to modern 
architectures with them. 

Join this webinar to learn about: 
• The practice of APIs in government agencies. 
• How APIs extend the benefit and ROI of legacy systems. 
• Reference architectural approaches to bridging old and new architectures. 
• Some technologies to help you implement this approach.


  • Scott England-Sullivan, principal domain architect, Public Sector, Red Hat
  • Zohaib Khan, practice lead, Public Sector, Red Hat