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In-Person Event


March 25, 2020 - April 30, 2020Digital Event


Connect with Red Hat NVIDIA GTC DIGITAL 2020 

As you may have already heard, NVIDIA has decided to shift GTC 2020 to an online event due to concerns over COVID-19 virus. However, you can still learn about Red Hat’s open source solutions that fuel many emerging workloads, including AI/ML/DL, by joining online presentations at NVIDIA’s GTC 2020 Digital event.

Red Hat and NVIDIA are seeking new ways to enable the latest technological innovations for our ecosystem. We are collaborating on creating scalable solutions that accelerate a diverse range of workloads, from deep learning training to data analytics. 

We share a vision of IT’s future as one fueled by open source technologies and are working together to enable our customers to run their businesses on any footprint, from virtualized deployments in corporate datacenters to massive-scale services deployed on public clouds, using familiar infrastructure.


Speaking Session: Accelerate ML Lifecycle with Containers, Kubernetes and NVIDIA GPUs

Speakers: Zvonko Kosic & Tushar Kartaki

Abstract: Data scientists desire a self-service, cloud-like experience to easily access ML modeling tools, data, and GPUs to rapidly build, scale, reproduce, and share ML modeling results with peers and developers. Containers and kubernetes platforms, integrated with NVIDIA GPUs provide these capabilities to accelerate the training, testing, and deploying the ML models in production quickly.

Speaking Session: AI/ML with vGPU on Openstack or RHV using Kubernetes 

Speakers: Martin Tessun & Erwan Gallen 

Abstract: In this session you will learn how Red Hat Openstack Platform and Red Hat Virtualization are bringing agility to AI/ML accelerated workloads with vGPU. You will learn how Red Hat contributes to new vGPU capabilities like SR-IOV and live migration support.

Speaking Session: Training and Inferencing at scale, across node and cluster borders with optimized software and hardware stack 

Speaker: Zvonko Kaiser 

Abstract: The demand for computational power for AI/ML workloads keeps rising. While it is easy to burst out work into the cloud, costs can quickly add up for every spun-up instance. Attend this session to learn how you can reduce and efficiently manage these computational costs by optimizing the hardware and software stack to fully leverage the features a node in a cluster provides. We will be discussing the latest Kubernetes features for Pod hardware affinity and NUMA awareness as well as leveraging Operators for your AI/ML deployments.

Speaking Session: Smart cities in the cloud: NVIDIA Metropolis on Red Hat OpenShift

Speakers: Peter MacKinnon, Red Hat & Sujit Biswas, NVIDIA

Abstract: We'll talk about the collaboration between NVIDIA and Red Hat, and demo the integration between the NVIDIA's Metropolis application running on EGX and Red Hat OpenShift (Kubernetes) in the public cloud.

To learn more about how Red Hat and NVIDIA align on open source solutions to fuel emerging workloads, check out the following demos: 

  • NVIDIA partnership
  • NVIDIA’s Metropolis application framework for smart cities running on OpenShift
  • Image inferencing of flowers using neural network running on OpenShift cluster with NVIDIA GPUs


More info coming soon.