Offensive security with Ansible

  • October 17, 2017
  • Webinar

Cybersecurity has increasingly become an area of concern across every organization today. Automation
tools are growing within the enterprise and security testers can use these tools to their advantage.
Advanced solutions focus on malware and identifying malicious code, which results in attackers finding
ways to operate without downloading specialized malicious tools. As security testers, we need to be doing
the same and using already-in-place tools, such as Ansible, that help our testing be as authentic and as
successful as possible.
Join this webinar to learn how Ansible is a great automation tool for the administrator. We'll cover:

  • The highlights of Ansible as an automation tool.
  • The benefits of Ansible as an offensive tool.
  • How an attacker might use Ansible against us.
  • Some defensive methodologies to protect ourselves.


  • Christopher Grimm, consulting architect, Red Hat
  • Greg Tinsley, consultant, Red Hat