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September 6, 2022Stockholm, SwedenLadugårdsgärdet
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Red Hat & Intel Open Tour is bringing you the latest and greatest updates on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, Red Hat Ansible, Red Hat OpenShift and much more. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to meet our own Red Hat experts and partners as well as networking with other Red Hat users. We will be hosting both technical sessions and business updates together with some of our customers. 

Join us for a day of learning, networking and experiencing the power of open source solutions.


Tuesday, September 6

08:00 - 08:30

Registration & coffee


Welcome & introduction

Mattias Paulsson & Jonas Widell ,

Sales Manager, Red Hat Sweden

Håkan Melin,

Partner Account Manager, Red Hat Sweden


Keynote Intel: Build on Open. Run on Intel

 (Red Hat & Intel tent)

Spanning more than 25 years, Intel and Red Hat’s long history of engineering achievements includes advanced software-defined infrastructure and industry-standard platforms that improve data center agility and flexibility. Join us to hear how Red Hat and Intel provide innovative and more secure enterprise-level solutions that help customers gain a competitive advantage.

Jon Jädersten,

Global Chief Technologist - Communications solutions, Network and Edge Group (NEX) Sales, Intel Corporation


Technical session: How to secure your business against cyber criminals  (Tent A)

60 minutes

How to secure your business against cyber criminals

See which Red Hat technologies and services add security, stability & continuity to your mission critical production workload both in the cloud and in your datacenter. #RHEL9, #SOE, #Insights, #SCAP, #SelfhealingInfrastructure, #OpenShift, #ACS

Johnny Westerlund,

Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat

Jens Boive,

Solution Architect, Red Hat

Customer story: Folksam  (Tent B)

60 minutes

Folksams agila resa mot OpenShift

Folksam importerade sin första stordator till Skanstull i början av 60-talet och moderniseringen har pågått sedan dess. Kraven på digitalisering och ett förändrat kundbeteende ställer krav på nya lösningar samtidigt som gamla ”synder” skall hanteras. Folksam är i början av sin resa mot Public Cloud och Container. 2020 flyttade vår första applikation upp på Openshift och under första kvartalet 2022 genomförde vi tillsammans med Red Hat ett Open Innovation lab för att öka takten och utmana befintliga arbetssätt. Samtidigt med pågående modernisering har vi ställt om från PM3 till SAFE för att minska avståndet mellan verksamhet och IT. Det här en kort inblick i vardagen hos ett av Sveriges största försäkringsbolag.

Per Branevig,

Product Manager – Infrastructure

Partner session with Microsoft: Azure with Managed OpenShift - what is it and what is the rationale?  (Tent C)

90 minuter

Azure with Managed OpenShift - what is it and what is the rationale?

Red hat and Microsoft have brought to market Azure Red hat OpenShift, which is a managed service offered by Microsoft and is intended to take some of the hassle of developing cloud native. Join this session to learn more about how Microsoft and Red Hat can help you launch more applications and use less time on keeping the infrastructure together. This session will also cover the Economic side of things, based on the findings in a recent study by Forrester "The Total Economic Impact™ Of Red Hat OpenShift Cloud Services".

Roy de Milde ,

Cloud Native Specialist EMEA Blackbelt, Microsoft Roy de Milde is responsible for making sure that our customer, when adopting Cloud Native Technology in the Microsoft ecosystem, are successful. Engaging with Microsoft field, partners, and customer for enablement and driving Cloud Native business across EMEA. Gathering relevant feedback from our customers and connect with our product and engineering’s teams. Working closely with Red Hat on a daily basis.Prior to Microsoft, Roy worked at a Microsoft partner in the Netherlands as a Microsoft Azure pre-sales consultant. Making sure that their customers getting the most out of adopting Microsoft Azure technology. Before that, Roy worked for over ten years for different IT companies in the Infrastructure and development space.

Håkan Hagenrud,

Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat


Coffee & exhibition

10:30 - 11:30

Gain robust repeatability as self service, by automating your automation  (Tent A)

60 minutes

Gain robust repeatability as self service, by automating your automation

Automation is evolving. Learn latest trends of automation in different layers. Automation now in many layers, #ACM, #ACS, #Ansible, #Tekton, #ArgoCD, #Kubernetes, #GitOps

Johan Odell ,

Principal Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Customer story: PostNord’s journey to the hybrid cloud with Red Hat OpenShift  (Tent B)

60 minutes

PostNord’s journey to the hybrid cloud with Red Hat OpenShift

Come listen to Eva Fransson, Head of IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture, and Anders Falk, Head of Management Solutions from Postnord tell you about the business challenges that drove their transition to Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO). What were their challenges and unexpected issues during roll-out and how did they measure Business value for PostNord. Eva and Anders will tell you about lessons learned and how they worked with stakeholders internally.

Eva Fransson,

Head of IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture, Postnord

Anders Falk ,

Head of Management Solutions, Postnord

Technical session: Creating cloud happy applications with Quarkus  (Tent C)

60 minutes

Creating cloud happy applications with Quarkus

In this session you will see how organizations can reuse their existing investment in Java to modernize and create the next generation cloud native applications. Quarkus is a new approach to cloud native Java tackling issues like startup time and memory consumption. It bridges the gap between traditional Java and cloud native capabilities like serverless runtimes. It is just plain ol’ Java but done more efficiently. It also makes developers sparkle with joy. #Java #Quarkus #Cloud-Native #Developer-Joy

Martin Östmark,

Chief Architect AppDev, Red Hat Nordics

11:30 - 13:15

Lunch & exhibition: Speaking sessions with our partners

Lunch & learn with our partners

11:50 - 12:20 - Tent A

HPE GreenLake adds open source leader Red Hat to expanding ecosystem

Will talk about how joint development of HPE GreenLake solutions with Red Hat will provide a more seamless experience for enterprise customers as they address their greatest challenges around cost, complexity, risk, and stability across multiple hybrid cloud environments.

Per Strömqvist,

Per has over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, for the past 10 years within managed services and professional services.

Stefan Ekebom ,

Stefan has over 20 years’ experience within sales and business development in telecom and the IT industry.

11:50 - 12:20 - Tent B

IBM Customer case: Modernizing the supply chain with Red Hat Openshift and Cloud services

The business requirements for the distribution of products had changed for the Swedish global manufacturing customer. The current IT-systems supporting the Supply Chain could not adopt to the new requirements, so IBM teamed up with the customer to design a new micro-services based platform. IBM will present how we addressed the challenges and the how the solution will support the future needs.

Anne Månsson, Client Executive,

IBM Consulting

Thomas Mattsson, Client Engineering ,

IBM Technology

11:50 - 12:20 - Tent C

ATEA: How can you maximize your business value from Openshift platform

Atea has developed a handful of concepts to maximize the business value client can get from their OpenShift Platform. How to build a platform that can shorten time for new functionality in backlog to production. How to measure improvements in the platform, DevOps-process etc. This is based on the DORA* metrics principles.

Markus Närenbäck,

Senior Business Development

Håkan Jönsson,

Senior OpenShift Expert, ATEA

12:35 -13:05 - Tent A

Nutanix: Get the best platform to run cloud native workloads at scale with the market leader in HCI

Get the best platform to run cloud native workloads at scale with the market leader in HCI Learn why Red Hat has selected Nutanix as the preferred platform for Red Hat OpenShift and why many companies have chosen Nutanix as a strategic choice for their Hybrid-Multi Cloud journey. Nutanix not only delivers the worlds best HCI platform, but also adds native services such as Files/Objects/Volumes and DBaaS that boosts Time-to-Market and the agility for the developers to be self-serviced.

Sebastian Hellegren,


12:35-13:05 - Tent B

Dynatrace: Seeing is believing – Dynatrace & Red Hat in live demonstration

In this session we will demonstrate hands-on how the Dynatrace platform is able to automatically instrument and monitor complex applications in the Openshift environment, identifying problems using AI and initiate remediation by integrating to Ansible.

Magnus Bergman,

Sales Engineer, Dynatrace

12:35-13:05 - Tent C

Stakater & ATG: Hybrid cloud bursting; on-demand scaling OpenShift into the public cloud during heavy load on local datacenter

Rasheed and Håkan will present how cloud bursting is a great way to get started today in cloud computing with very little risk and manageable cost. Whether your organization is considering moving to the cloud for the first time or is using this strategy to bolster current capacity, cloud bursting could provide the answer.

Rasheed Amir,

Kubernete Architect, Stakater AB

Håkan Fahlen,

Head of IT Infrastructure, ATG

13:15 - 14:15

Customer story with Arbetsförmedlingen: Den krokiga vägen och den röda tråden  (Tent A)

60 minutes

Customer story: Arbetsförmedlingen - Den krokiga vägen och den röda tråden

Arbetsförmedlingen jobbar sedan flera år tillbaka med en digital transformation i syfte att effektivisera möjligheterna att utföra sitt uppdrag. Digitaliseringsstrategin beskriver ett tanke- och arbetssätt som stöttar en gemensam riktning i transformationen, både kopplat till myndighetens kultur och dess digitala struktur. För att lyckas med uppdraget och den digitala transformationen har Arbetsförmedlingen etablerat nya gemensamma it-plattformar, bland dessa finns OpenShift Container Platform. Med stöd av sin samarbetspartner Red Hat lanserade Arbetsförmedlingen en Minimal Viable Plattform i början av 2018. Idag har Arbetsförmedlingen ett antal OpenShift-kluster med tillhörande tjänster för att både stödja Lift & Shift av äldre system (monoliter) och nyutvecklade tjänster direkt avsedda för molnarkitektur. Vägen dit har och fortsätter vara utmanande för hela organisationen både tekniskt och kulturellt, men den röda tråden – tillsammans med Red Hat - har varit viktig att följa.

Keti Rizeva ,


Lotta Råberg,


Technical session: Increase developer productivity on Kubernetes with OpenShift  (Tent B)

60 minutes

Increase developer productivity on Kubernetes with OpenShift

Kubernetes has become the standard control plane for containers and containerised applications. But Kubernetes was built for the needs of IT Operations, not developers. In order for code to be deployed, developers need to be able to leverage the benefits of Kubernetes without requiring them to develop a platform skillset. OpenShift simplifies and automates the way you build, ship, and run code. In this session we'll give an overview of OpenShift and the components that make your development process simple, fun and efficient. #Kubernetes #OpenShift #Developer #DevOps #Productivity

Magnus Eklund,

Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat Nordics

Architectural control in an increasingly Cloudy World (Part 1) & Making Agile Work (Part 2)  (Tent C)

60 minutes

Architectural control in an increasingly Cloudy World (Part 1) & Making Agile Work (Part 2)

Architectural control in an increasingly Cloudy World: Public cloud usage in Sweden is pervasive but design questions remain: - What happens if the situation changes, can I design for change? Do I want to lock into a single cloud vendor? How do I build a consistent developer experience when I have more than a single cloud provider? Making Agile Work: Agile is everywhere. But what are the key elements of getting Agile to work and what is missing?

Darren Long,

Sales Specialist - Hybrid Cloud & AppDev, Red Hat

Robert Börjesson,

Sales Specialist - Hybrid Cloud, Data & AppDev, Red Hat

14:15 - 14:45

Coffee break

14:45 - 15:45

Customer story: Försäkringskassan - Hur Försäkringskassans infrastrukturteam bygger och levererar OpenShift både in-house och till samverkansmyndigheter.  (Tent A)

60 minutes

Hur Försäkringskassans infrastrukturteam bygger och levererar OpenShift både in-house och till samverkansmyndigheter

Förutom genomgång av teknologier och lösningar som används blir det fokus på hur teamet är strukturerat och arbetar för att få till en bra vi-känsla och klara av både infrastrukturutveckling och 24/7 drift på ett fåtal personer.

Tomas Lagren,

IT-tekniker, Försäkringskassan

Customer story: Strålfors - Digital transformation at PostNord Strålfors – what happened to us?  (Tent B)

60 minutes

Digital transformation at PostNord Strålfors – what happened to us?

The current business development strategy of PostNord Strålfors is geared at profitable growth from being the preferred Nordic Omnichannel communications partner while keeping the momentum as the leading Nordic Print and Scanning Operations partner, in order to manage it for cash. The ongoing business transformation has a very clear mission driver which is to keep Strålfors ready to swiftly deploy new services at scale (Time To Market). This desired business agility depends on various different things, and the potential that cloud computing provides goes a long way towards achieving this desired position. The current cloud strategy for Postnord Strålfors has ignited activities around container adoption, business and IT alignment, ideation with prospective vendors and a procurement cycle in order to enable a Development and Operations (DevOps) culture aimed at achieving business agility. To support DevOps in maintaining order and cost control in the PostNord Strålfors cloud estate, the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) is establishing a business case for investment in three things: Container adoption, skills acquisition and application containerization.

Sophia Schwanborg, Jonas Westlund, Filip Jansson,


15:45 - 18:00

Beer tasting, networking & exhibition

Exhibition area

Meet with our Red Hatters and partners in the exhibition area during the breaks.

People & Culture

Come and meet Peer, our Digital Transformation Lead, who wants to talk all about People and Culture. Join him at his meeting tent or catch him mingling with our partners.

Beer tasting hosted by Roosa Pihlajamäki

After all sessions are over we hope you'll stay and mingle a bit longer. Try some beer and take the chance to chat with our partners, Red Hatters and Red Hat users before the end of the day.

BBQ lunch

Enjoy lunch from one of our BBQ stations during the lunch break between 11:30 - 13:15.

Feedback is a gift

Meet with our Digital Expereince team and share your feedback on our Red Hat websites for a chance to earn some nice swag.

Customer success

"Walk the Walls" with our EMEA Open Innovation Labs team to see how our proven practices uncover the path to achieve business goals and evolve teams to become high-performing teams.

Training & certification

Looking to start with a tune-up of your skillset? Find our Red Hat Training and Certification experts in the exhibition area to explore how you can continue your skills transformation.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Share your company’s message with some of the brightest minds in the open source ecosystem, including Red Hat customers, partners, and community contributors.

Contact our partner manager Marianne Aslund for sponsorship details via

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We build the future with IT. Smarter ways to work and grow: achieve your goals with information technology from Atea. As Northern Europe’s market leader in IT infrastructure, Atea provides solutions that fuse technology, creativity and values.


Crayon is a customer-centric innovation and IT services company. We provide guidance on the best solutions for our clients’ business needs and budget with software, cloud, AI and big data. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Crayon has over 3,300 employees across nearly 40 countries.


Enfo is a Nordic IT services company with more than 800 digital experts. With our knowledge in digital trust, data and analytics, applications, integration, and managed services, we both build and run IT solutions on cloud. We work for a more sustainable and intelligent world where technology empowers people, businesses, and societies and accelerates their progress.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the global edge-to-cloud company that helps organizations accelerate outcomes by unlocking value from all of their data, everywhere. Built on decades of reimagining the future and innovating to advance the way people live and work, HPE delivers unique, open and intelligent technology solutions as a service.  With offerings spanning Cloud Services, Compute, High Performance Computing & AI, Intelligent Edge, Software, and Storage, HPE provides a consistent experience across all clouds and edges, helping customers develop new business models, engage in new ways, and increase operational performance.


Lexher AB is an IT consultancy company with Red Hat software and Red Hat training. Lexher AB is authorized Red Hat Premier Business Partner and Red Hat Training Facility and Reselling Partner. Lexher AB is the obvious choice for Linux competence. We have the highest technical competence in Linux infrastructure and IP networking. We are solution provider for IT infrastructure and cloud in public and private sector.


The Nutanix Cloud Platform comprises hybrid cloud infrastructure, multicloud management along with unified storage, database services, and desktop services, to support any application and workload, in any location. Nutanix leverages its industry leading, 100% software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure to provide a single cloud platform that seamlessly brings to life your hybrid multicloud strategy. Industry leading organizations rely on Nutanix to deliver their mission-critical applications, desktops, and data across private, edge and public clouds. Start your transformation with HCI as your cloud foundation and move from private cloud to a hybrid multicloud environment in a snap, learn how enabling hybrid multicloud with Nutanix gives you the flexibility to pick the right resources for the right workload and adjust seamlessly as your business grows and find out which cloud - between public, private and hybrid - is right for your business based on current workloads and total cost of ownership.


From our local start over 25 years ago to our European presence today Pedab has enjoyed a steady growth and constant enrichment of our offerings. At Pedab we believe that the future of your business depends on the IT decisions you make today. We strive to be acknowledged by our customers as the trusted choice for staying up-to-date with the latest solutions and for creating better IT environments. We work together with our customers to address their business challenges with best-of-breed solutions. Our long history of exceptional delivery, combined with our comprehensive expertise, services and solutions, helps you stay on the cutting edge in a digital world.


RedBridge started in 2003 with the idea of helping organizations achieve more cost-effective and dynamic IT using Open Source solutions. And time has proven us right. Open environments have become the obvious choice for all parts of the digital business landscape. Redbridge has been a Red Hat partner from the start in 2003 and delivers a comprehensive operations service on the OpenShift platform. Since late 2021 Redbridge also offers a EU compliant and sustainable cloud platform, built on open standards and expert consulting within the area of observability.


The Open Source specialist and digital societies builder Redpill Linpro contributes to the sustainable development of societies by helping companies increase their competitiveness and making digital services even better for more people. With open source, its deep technical knowledge and extensive experience across the private and public sectors, Redpill Linpro helps its customers digitalise and make the most out of their data.



Stakater is a Swedish Kubernetes experts company enabling enterprises to realize the full potential of Kubernetes and its ecosystem, by assisting their journey from Strategy to Development and Operations. We offer companies a highway to Kubernetes / OpenShift adoption for their DevSecOps automation.

Tech Data

Tech Data, a TD Synnex company, are 22,000 of the IT industry’s best and brightest, who share an unwavering passion for bringing compelling technology products, services and solutions to the world. Solutions Across the IT Spectrum Our differentiated end-to-end portfolio, skills and capabilities are strengthening and expanding our position as a trusted partner to the world’s leading technology vendors while serving our customers better than any other company in our space.

Event logistics

Date: September 6, 2022

Time: 08:00 - 18:00 

Location: Ladugårdsgärdet (right next to bus station Lindarängsvägen),


The event location is right next to the bus stop ''Lindarängsvägen.''

If you are going from the Central station, take the subway to Karlaplan, and then change to bus 72 with direction towards Frihamnen. 

If you are taking a taxi, only use Taxi Stockholm or Taxi Kurir. The fair should not be more than 300 SEK if you are going from the city center. 

If you have any questions about the event, contact us via