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Welcome & opening keynote

11:00 AM SGT | 10:00 am CEST | 10:00 am ET

In the last year, we’ve found out what happens when you take 5G out of the lab and open it to the real world. Companies worldwide are putting their 5G plans into action – and, in the process, encountering new challenges, uncovering new opportunities, and finding out how 5G works when out in the open.

At Open5G 2021, we’re inviting companies, experts and industry thought leaders from across the world to offer some insight into what 5G looks like out in the open. Join us to find new ways to fend off unexpected challenges, uncover new opportunities and find shortcuts to success on the next stage of your 5G journey. And no matter where your journey started, you’ll find tailored content designed to help you build your own path to success.


Kim Buck, Senior Principal Program Marketing Manager, TME, Red Hat

Chris Wright, Senior Vice President and CTO, Red Hat

Keynote: State of the industry | Bharti Airtel

11:10 AM SGT | 10:10 am CEST | 10:10 am ET

Join us to hear from Randeep Sekhon, CTO at Bharti Airtel, about their journey to 5G and open hybrid cloud.


Randeep Sekhon, CTO, Bharti Airtel

Darrell Jordan-Smith, senior vice president, Industries & Global Accounts, Red Hat

Keynote: State of the industry | Telefonica

11:50 AM SGT | 10:50 am CEST | 10:50 am ET

Join us to hear from Enrique Blanco, CTIO, at Telefonica Group, about their leading-edge Open RAN strategy and the new opportunities.


Enrique Blanco, CTIO, Telefonica Group

Darrell Jordan-Smith, senior vice president, Industries & Global Accounts, Red Hat

Keynote: analyst perspective

11:50 AM SGT | 10:50 am CEST | 10:50 am ET

What are the market trends and what opportunities will they create for digital service providers? Caroline Chappell, Research Director, at Analysys Mason presents the current industry state, main trends and their impact.


Caroline Chappell, Research Director, at Analysys Mason

Track 1

Networking Technology

2022: what's next?

12:10 PM SGT | 11:10am CEST | 11:10am ET


What is the next big thing in telecom industry? What impact will 5G, Edge computing, smart cities and AI I have on telecom networks globally? How will communication service providers embrace the new tech trends to address challenges and benefit from innovations? In this fireside chat discussion, we will hear from Shamik Mishra, Vice President and CTO Connectivity, Capgemini Engineering, and Azhar Sayeed, Chief Technologist, Red Hat, on the industry changes to expect.

A 20 minutes session with

Shamik Mishra, Vice President and CTO Connectivity, Capgemini Engineering

Azhar Sayeed, Chief Technologist, Red Hat


Private 5G

12:45 PM SGT | 11:45am CEST | 11:45am ET

How are communications service providers (CSPs) leveraging private 5G to tackle innovative 5G applications and use cases including edge computing? Hear from leading telecom service providers and technology partners how they are finding ways to capitalize on 5G across a broad set of use cases including 5G core, 5G radio access networks (RANs), edge computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more, creating new revenue opportunities.

A 20 minutes panel with

Clive Grethe, Global Head of Hybrid Cloud, Atos

Bhupesh Agrawal, Director, Product Marketing - Private Wireless Networks & Edge Computing, Intel

Francisco Martín Pignatelli, Head of OpenRAN, Vodafone Group 

Hanen Garcia, Telco Solutions Manager, Red Hat

5G Core and cloud native

13:15 PM SGT | 12:15pm CEST | 12:15pm ET

As service providers evolve their 5G core networks and move to cloud native, what are the lessons learned from previous network virtualization efforts? The panel shares lessons, expectations and ecosystem/industry recommendations. Key themes covered include: horizontal telco cloud, potential for new B2B and B2C offerings due to APIs and network slicing, importance of CI/CD and automation, adapting culture and workstyle, rise of developers, integration challenges and the need for ecosystem and vendors to offset some the growing testing, certification and tooling capabilities. All agree cloud native is the way forward with some great advice on how to get started and adapt to this new opportunity which brings and accelerated pace of change.

A 20 minute session with

Alexandre Harmand, Head of Core and Service Platforms at Telefonica

Mibu Ryota, Division Manager of Infrastructure Platform, Rakuten Mobile

Michael Tadault, Chief Technologist, Red Hat

Open RAN

13:45 PM SGT | 12:45pm CEST | 12:45pm ET

As the telecommunications industry ramps up its evolution towards cloud-native architectures and containers, communications service providers (CSPs) are working to scale their networks to support increased demand. In this panel discussion, we will find out what are the choices CSPs from around the world are making, to address the intensive demands on their RAN and to support new 5G use cases, such as network slicing, IoT and industrial IoT.

A 20 minute session with

Jane Rygaard, Head of Dedicated Wireless Networks and Edge Clouds, Nokia

Manish Gangey, Head of R&D, Bharti Airtel

Javed Khan, Director, 5G RAN Product Management, Altiostar

Azhar Sayeed, chief technologist, Red Hat

5G partnerships

14:20 PM SGT | 1:20pm CEST | 1:20pm ET

What role does the ecosystem play in the adoption of 5G RAN and Core? Hear from leading digital service providers and providers about the value of an ecosystem.

A 20 minute session with

Arshad Masih, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect – Telco Cloud Platform, Vodafone Australia,

Ravi Saxena, Master Technologist, HPE

Ulrich Ahle Chief Executive Officer, FIWARE Foundation,

Honoré LaBourdette, Vice President, Telco, Media & Entertainment, Red Hat


15:05 PM SGT | 2:05pm CEST | 2:05pm ET

Join us for an interactive "cybersecurity" quiz to find out from our expert speakers what they really think are the main components for rolling-out a secure Open5G network.

A 20 minute session with

Nagendra Bykampadi, Director of Product Management and Standards (Security), Altiostar Networks, Inc; Co-chair of O-RAN Security Focus Group (SFG) at O-RAN ALLIANCE e.V

Jean-Michel Farin, Network security expert, Orange Security Experts community member, Orange

Lory Thorpe,  Industry partner global TME, IBM

François Duthilleul, Principal Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Track 2

5G reshaping industries and edge

How IT-OT Convergence Drives Critical Business Outcomes

12:10 PM SGT | 11:10am CEST | 11:10am ET


Operational technologies (OT) are the heart of manufacturing processes, and organizations are eager to optimize their systems to become more efficient, cost-effective, and agile. To succeed with Industry 4.0, organizations must draw on Information Technology (IT) -- converging tools, processes, and knowledgeable teams to maximize business value. It's not easy, but case studies from manufacturing and beyond show that converging OT and IT can deliver business success.

A 20 minute session with

Lynda Stadtmueller Research VP and Global Practice Area Leader, Information & Communications Technology at Frost & Sullivan

Franz Meyer, VP, EMEA Strategic Business Development, Red Hat

Edge: myth or holy grail of telco?

12:40 PM SGT | 11:40am CEST | 11:40am ET

Adopting edge computing is a high priority for many telecommunications service providers as they modernize their networks and seek new sources of revenue. Specifically, telecom service providers are looking to leverage the benefits of edge computing such as reduced effect of latency on applications. But what prevents service providers from exploiting these opportunities? Is the current ecosystem capable of supporting the new use cases and needs? In this session we will discuss the current use cases and the new opportunities.

A 20 minute session with

Anand Shah, Director Technology Strategy and Architecture, Verizon

Neil McRae, Managing Director and Chief Architect at BT

Franz Kasparec, Global Offerings Manager Telecom & Media (Digital Infrastructure, Security), Atos

Rashim Kapoor, Senior Vice President, Bharti Airtel

Timo Jokiaho, Chief Technologist - Global Telco Ecosystem, Red Hat

Edge monetization, parallel industries and telco business model considerations

13:15 PM SGT | 12:15pm CEST | 12:15pm ET

As the global economy shows signs of rebounding in 2021, service providers are looking at ways to offset their spending in consumer 5G by leveraging their assets for new revenue growth opportunities. In this session, we will discuss the state of the 5G market and address use cases related to edge, private 5G monetization strategies.

A 20 minute session with

Ray Mota, CEO and Principal Analyst, ACG Research

Track 3

AI, automation & operations

The 5G AI opportunity

12:10 PM SGT | 11:10am CEST | 11:10am ET

Join this panel to hear from industry leaders about new AI/ML use cases, and the impact of 5G rollout on various industries including IoT, manufacturing and more. 

A 20 minute session with

Inanc Cakiroglu, Director, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data Science, Turkcell

Dhananjay Pavgi, Competency Head -OSS, Tech Mahindra

Jithu Raghavendran, Vice President of Telco Digital Transformation Solutions, MYCOM OSI

Bill Wright, Head of AI/ML business development and technical strategy, Red Hat

The journey to zero-touch operations

13:00 PM SGT | 12:00pm CEST | 12:00pm ET

Virtualization and network convergence of fixed and mobile networks are informing the journey to zero-touch operations. For the cable industry this translates to a common infrastructure for DOCSIS, 5G and PON with virtual 5G cores, virtual CMTS and cloud gaming - all delivered over the same platform. Building blocks for ZTO include Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Self Optimizing Networks (SON) and GItOps. Likely, AI/ML across the network to support systems will be a step-by-step process where organizations develop expertise over time.

Randy Levensalor, Principal Architect, CableLabs,

William Caban, Chief Architect, Red Hat

5G real-world stories

Data-Centric Infrastructure (DCI) Initiatives in IOWN GF: Innovative Optical and Wireless Network Global Forum

Available on demand

Paradigm shift in communication and network infrastructure is required with ever increasing demands of power consumption, data bandwidth, and fast responding time brought by innovative applications and data explosion. Application-aware network infrastructure and Open Telco horizontal hybrid cloud across customer edge, Telco edge and Telco core/data center will be needed. IOWN propels technologies in communication and application-aware network infrastructure to meet technological challenges and many industries need. This session introduces IOWN activities and a possibility of OpenShift/K8s technologies in Innovative Optical and Wireless Network infrastructure. Also, will discuss new possible topics in IOWN Global Forum such as In-Network Computing, AIOps, Open RAN cloud edge and etc.


Masahisa Kawashima, Vice President,  Head of IOWN Development Office, NTT

Clara Qian Li, Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation, Chair, Technology Steering Committee, IOWN GF,

Chris Wright, CTO, Red Hat

Spark New Zealand: Future of telco cloud in age of 5G and hyperscalers

In the next few years, we expect to see increasing competition and collaboration between telco CSPs and hyperscalers such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The response of telcos to these new challenges may very well determine their sucess in the near future. Listen to Spark NZ as they outline the future of telcos.


Josh Bahlman, GM Telco Cloud and Cyber Defence, Spark New Zealand

Nilay Rathod, Domain Chapter Lead, Spark New Zealand

Ben Panic, Senior Director, Telco Sales Vertical APAC, Red Hat

Michael Tadault, Chief Technologist, Red Hat

NEC Corporation

Available on demand

A major characteristic of NEC’s cloud native 5GC is multicloud compatibility. In addition to the virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) technology developed since 4G, efforts are underway to deploy container technology in 5GC, allowing it to be built on a public cloud as if it were on premise. In this session, NEC experts will share their view on the benefits and use cases of a cloud-native network function (CNF) infrastructure.


Patrick Lopez, Global VP Product Management - 5G, NEC Corporation

Ericsson: How to navigate the transition from 4G to 5G in the core network

Join this session to hear from Folke Anger, Head of Solution Line Packet Core Business Area Digital Services at Ericsson and Susan James, senior director of telecommunications strategy, Red Hat, as they discuss the transition from 45 to 5G in the core network. You will find out more the key aspects of successful migration as well as new 5G Core solutions that enable new revenue streams.

Folke Anger, Head of Solution Line Packet Core at Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson

Susan James, senior director of telecommunications strategy, Red Hat

5G Trials at NTT Communications

Hiroshige Tanaka, network engineer at Innovation Center in NTT Communications talks about the ongoing field trials for 5G technologies between NTT and their customers, their progress and some interesting findings. He also speaks on lessons learned when converting infrastructure to NFV, and the importance of end to end traffic control.

Hiroshige Tanaka, Senior Manager, NTT Communications Corporation Innovation Center