Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes Hands-On-Lab

  • March 13, 2018
  • Brussel, Belgium
  • Business Faculty

About Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes

Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes (RHOAR) offer developers flexibility and choices to build the right application with the right runtime, framework, language, and architectural style. Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes Is bases upon an number of upstream projects and thereofre also supports these technologies (WildFly / Swarm, Vert.x, Node.js,…).


12:30 – 13:30 Registration & Lunch
13:30 – 15:00 RHOAR Hands-On-Lab Part 1
15:00 – 15:20 Break
15:20 – 16:50 RHOAR Hands-On-Lab Part 2

What you may expect

You will learn in detail how a Spring Boot application - designed as 2 microservices - could be designed as a Cloud Native application, to leverage the OpenShift and Kubernetes features of the Cloud Platform.

The project, which we will develop, is a traditional Front and Backend application connected to an RDMS system (MySQL). 2 Maven projects will be created using the Spring code generator ‘start.spring.io’. Afterwards, code will be developed to implement the CRUD pattern using JPA - Hibernate Spring starter. The Front application will display a table of Notes and logic needed to create, update, delete a "Note" while the backend will expose Rest Endpoints to manage the CRUD operations. Each operation will be mapped to a JPA operation in order to handle the records with the database.

The different Cloud Native concepts that we will investigate during this lab will be:
- Build/Deploy the applications on the cloud platform
- Externalization of the parameters (ConfigMap)
- Remote debugging the spring Boot application
- Service Discovery
- Service Catalog to bind/provision a service
- CI/CD (automation of the building process)
- Mount a secret with the DataSource information
- Horizontal scaling to load balance request to the front
- Distributed tracing

For this Hands-On-Lab, you need to bring your own laptop. Once registered, you will receive an Email with detailed information and requirements to take part in this practical experience.

Travel Information

Date: 13.03.2018

Time: 12:30 - 16:50

Location: Business Faculty, 
Sint-Lendriksborre 6,
1120 Brussel

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