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Red Hat Convergence: 10 Red Hat Enterprise Linux security capabilities that everyone should be using

Watch recording from April 8, 2021
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As the foundation for all applications, an operating system must have the depth and breadth of security capabilities to protect against vulnerabilities and to meet compliance requirements.

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® comes with security features that can help mitigate the risk of a security breach and simplify compliance. Join this webinar to learn about the top 10 security capabilities found in Red Hat Enterprise Linux that every customer must use.

You’ll get to see live demos of this open source operating system’s built-in security, compliance, and identity management features. We’ll also discuss how a practical approach to security can save time and money and simplify the process of developing and deploying applications into production.

Join this webinar to find out:

  • The top 10 security features customers use
  • How identity management in Red Hat Enterprise Linux works for you
  • Which features help you mitigate the risk of a breach
  • Tips for managing security with the web-based console

Live event date: Thursday, April 8, 2021 | 10 a.m. ET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.


Don Pinto

Don Pinto

Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Don Pinto is a Technical Product Marketing Manager at Red Hat, focused on helping customers understand why Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an ideal operating system platform for modern application workloads. Don is passionate about data management and operating systems, having authored several technical blogs and white papers on various tech topics.

Mark Thacker

Mark Thacker

Principal Product Manager, Red Hat

Mark has worked in the enterprise IT world for more than 28 years and has extensive experience helping customers understand security capabilities of their operating systems. In his current role, Mark is focused on Red Hat Enterprise Linux—driving the overall security experience roadmap, evaluating customer requirements, and educating customers about product offerings.

Amy Farley

Amy Farley

Product Manager, Red Hat

Amy Farley is a Product Manager in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux group within Red Hat. She has a diverse background but has a passion for security-focused computing and information security. In her current role, Amy is focused on Identity Management in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Certificate System CA, and Red Hat Directory Server. She drives the overall identity experience roadmap, evaluates customer requirements, and educates customers about Red Hat’s identity product offerings.