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Accelerate cloud transformation at Volkswagen with Red Hat and IBM

Watch recording from March 25, 2020

The Volkswagen Group is developing its new software platform and automotive cloud. In the pursuit of becoming a software-enabled car company, this requires new capabilities in cloud-native microservices as well as to utilize, interact and connect to existing Volkswagen Group software solutions e.g. based on IBM WebSphere.

Combining Red Hat's new open hybrid cloud container technology with existing IBM software and solutions at Volkswagen Group can boost the ability to develop modern cloud-native services and maintain the new automotive cloud platform.

In this interactive 60-minute webinar we will cover the following topics​:

  • How general container workloads and container platforms are supporting agile and cloud-native software development in the automotive industry
  • Which current existing Red Hat and IBM workloads at Volkswagen Group are potentially good candidates for containerization
  • How to build, use and maintain such a system in production in Volkswagen using existing Red Hat and IBM services and solutions

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Martin Reinke

Martin Reinke

Senior solution architect, Red Hat

Martin Reinke has responsibility for the Volkswagen global account. Martin joined Red Hat in 2014, bringing with him over twenty years’ experience in the IT industry, focused on IT infrastructures and software solutions.

Previously, Martin worked at IBM, designing and delivered comprehensive IT solutions to his clients in finance, retail, and manufacturing. As a Red Hat Certified Engineer and The Open Group Master Certified IT Architect, Martin’s technical credentials are impeccable. He also holds a degree in Business Administration and Informatics.

Robert Michel

Robert Michel

Cloud Leader Volkswagen Integrated Account, IBM

Robert Michel is responsible for designing Cloud Architecture for the Volkswagen global account. Robert joined IBM in 1999 and has over twenty years of experience in data center operations, automation and cloud technologies.

In his current role as the Cloud Leader, Robert focuses on delivering cloud-based architecture and solutions within the Volkswagen group, ranging from adopting Open Hybrid Cloud principles for the Group IT to developing Cognitive Services in the Volkswagen We brand. His sound experiences both in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and the DevOps world allow him to bridge the gap between traditional and cloud-native IT as well as between IT and business requirements.