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Accelerate services with Red Hat Ansible - join the CCSP partner webinar and live Q&A

Watch recording from June 6, 2019

Our CCSP partners supply a variety of offerings to customers and managing these services can be complicated. Automation can help by streamlining management and reducing manual operations. As a result, you can increase the speed and efficiency of service delivery, meet your service-level agreements (SLAs) faster, and increase profit margins. Join this webinar to discover how Red Hat® Ansible® Automation can improve your current processes, get customers using your services sooner, and migrate new customers’ workloads to your environment more efficiently. We will discuss the importance of automation, provide an introduction to Red Hat Ansible Automation, explore the high-level benefits of automating with Ansible, and review current customer success stories.

We look forward to seeing you there!

James Read

EMEA Senior Solution Architect, Cloud and Service Providers, Red Hat

James is a Red Hat Alliance Solution Architect for strategic EMEA Certified Cloud and Service Providers and has been with Red Hat for seven years. James enjoys a deep technical background, but especially enjoys explaining how technology can help solve business challenges around DevOps and the adoption of public cloud.

Belkacem Moussouni

Belkacem Moussouni

EMEA Business Development Lead, Automation, Red Hat

Belkacem has helped service providers of all kinds to build, scale, and monetize digital services in the as-a-service economy for 14 years. He is currently driving the adoption of the Red Hat Automation and Management solutions in EMEA by advising customers and partners on how to unleash the power of open source solutions to optimize their digital transformation journey.