Balance Security and Developer Productivity in the software supply chain: Trusted strategies and best practices

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The software supply chain is under constant duress from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks across an attack surface that has grown exponentially. Businesses today are accountable for internal control failures in their security practices that bad actors exploit. Compromised software content used by the business, their customers and partners disrupts operations and causes financial distress. There is an urgency to fortify the DevSecOp practice from emerging threats and vulnerabilities. What steps have you taken to protect your software supply chain?

Join us as Jay Lyman and Burr Sutter offer practical guidance on fostering a culture of security awareness and collaboration for your application development teams. Start platform engineering initiatives that prioritize risk mitigation efforts in your software delivery and achieve greater application security early in development. Learn to adopt a holistic approach that keeps pace with changing regulatory requirements in cybersecurity.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Share customer perspectives when implementing software supply chain security, backed by analysis and insights that’s drawn from recent survey data
  • Discuss steps to effectively implement software supply chain security, starting with how to ensure code remains compliant with the organization’s security practices at the onset
  • Examine trends in software supply chain security to generate and manage provenance and attestations, and validate artifact trustworthiness across the software supply chain 
  • Address the challenges of verifying expected build processes in the CI/CD pipeline when layering onto existing application platforms for continuous automated delivery

Live event date: Tuesday, April 2, 2024 | 1 p.m. ET
On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.

Jay Lyman

Jay Lyman

Senior Research Analyst, Cloud Native and DevOps

Jay Lyman is a senior research analyst with the 451 Research Cloud Native and Applied Infrastructure & DevOps channels at S&P Global Market Intelligence. He covers software development, hybrid and multicloud infrastructure management and orchestration, and enterprise use cases that focus on the confluence of software development and IT operations known as DevOps. Jay's analysis encompasses evolving software release and IT operations models, including generative AI’s role in both, and the technology used to create, deploy and support infrastructure and applications in today's enterprise and service provider markets.

Burr Sutter

Burr Sutter

Chief Developer Evangelist, Red Hat

A lifelong developer advocate, community organizer and technology evangelist, Burr Sutter is a featured speaker at technology events around the globe. A Java Champion since 2005 and former president of the Atlanta Java User Group, Burr founded the DevNexus conference to make access to the world’s leading developers affordable to the developer community.