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Being first to market with new functionality demands agile, automated infrastructure

Watch recording from June 2, 2020

Organizations around the world are being challenged to innovate more rapidly, or be disrupted by new players in their markets. Developers need environments which remove barriers to their ability to innovate, but often messaging focuses purely on the middleware layers and upwards.  To be truly agile, the supporting infrastructure must also be open and software-definable. It's not enough to build your next-generation tooling on top of traditional infrastructure.

Open standards help ensure infrastructure automation and management works as expected with the modern, open source tooling demanded by today's developers. In this webinar, you will discover how Red Hat's open solutions help build the most flexible and efficient infrastructures to support cloud-native development, while also allowing a smooth migration path supporting legacy applications and services during the transition.

We will cover: 

  • Open, flexible, software-defined infrastructure to support cloud-native environments.
  • Infinitely scalable software-defined storage that allows applications to easily span hybrid clouds.
  • Modern, agentless automation that enables all layers and breaks down barriers between traditional silos.

Karl Stevens

Karl Stevens

Business Development Lead, Cloud Infrastructure, EMEA, Red Hat

Karl joined Red Hat from Hewlett Packard in May 2011. In 2018, Karl moved to take responsibility for overall EMEA Cloud Infrastructure Sales as Business Development Lead. Karl has 20 years of experience in the IT industry, building and managing automated datacenter deployments, defining and implementing private and hybrid cloud management solutions, and following the development of virtualization and emerging cloud technologies. A regular speaker at events throughout EMEA, Karl is closely aligned with Red Hat's Cloud Platforms team and the cross-product solutions team, and keeps up to date with the latest developments in the industry.