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Comcast and Affiliates Webinar: Persistent Storage for OpenShift 4.2+

Watch recording from May 21, 2020

The growing adoption of containers and Kubernetes has made the right storage even more important, especially for data-intensive, stateful applications. 

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage are evolving to deliver improvements.

Join this this month’s webinar for Comcast and affiliates to learn more about:

  • The new Container Storage Interface (CSI) standard in Kubernetes.
  • What OpenShift Container Storage provides for persistent storage.
  • OpenShift Container Storage architecture for block, file, and object.
  • Operators and Rook.
  • New Multi-Cloud object gateway capabilities.
  • Red Hat Ceph 4, the storage foundation for OCS
  • Next Steps


Live-event date: Thursday, May 21, 2020 | 2 p.m. ET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward

Greg Deffenbaugh

Open Storage Domain Specialist, Telco, Red Hat