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Digital transformation in the public sector

Watch recording from September 9, 2020
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IDC and Red Hat® know that government organizations of all sizes, all over the world are optimizing their IT infrastructure, to increase innovation and improve citizen experience.

In this webinar, we will look at the challenges faced by public sector agencies, ministries and bodies, and learn how these challenges can be overcome, and what outcomes can be achieved.

 Join this webinar with Red Hat and IDC to discover, through real-world examples, the benefits of:

  • Hybrid cloud adoption.
  • Cloud native application development.
  • Automation.

We will also spend time looking at the importance of cultural transformation, how this can be implemented, and the benefits that are realized.

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Jim Craig

Jim Craig

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat EMEA

Jim Craig works with public sector customers around the globe, to understand their challenges, and in collaboration with Red Hat colleagues and our business partners, develops programs to overcome these challenges.