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Exclusive Webinar for Comcast and Affiliates: Monoliths to Microservices - Modernization Journey for Greater Agility, Flexibility and Growth

Watch recording from March 31, 2020

Media and entertainment service providers, triggered primarily by various streaming services and highly demanding customer expectations, are accelerating the move toward modernization. As part of the modernization journey, providers are using microservices and cloud computing to transition from on-premise, monolithic applications to highly dynamic, polyglot environments.
During this transition, organizations often wonder what to do with existing investments in the legacy platforms and application development frameworks that run the business, but are quickly becoming obsolete in the face of the digital revolution.
In addition, highly elevated customer expectations with regards to service availability, service velocity and scale result in massive data and content to be processed.
Join our exclusive webcast for Comcast and affiliates to explore how organizations can meet the challenges of modern business using existing applications, while driving new innovation using modern application development technologies like microservices, containers, and hybrid cloud.
Learn how these techniques can help deliver market innovation faster and with more reliability, while minimizing the risk of introducing new technology too quickly.
We'll cover techniques for lift-and-shift, re-factoring and re-platforming applications, and how Red Hat can help you through your own digital transformation journey.


Live-webinar date: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 | 2 p.m. ET

On-demand date: Available for one year afterward.

Satish Kale