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Expanding your cloud with containers for quick, responsive innovation

Watch recording from November 1, 2018

Cracking the cloud: Transform your business with an open hybrid cloud

We're all told the cloud is integral to business transformation. But, what kind of cloud is right for you? Which cloud propels your transformation? From private cloud to hybrid cloud to multicloud container platforms, you need to make choices based on business need and priority.

Before you invest time and money, join this 3-webinar series to help you choose the right mix of cloud that your business needs:

  • The end of the iron age: Building a private cloud infrastructure
  • Design your hybrid cloud for the end user
  • Expanding your cloud with containers for quick, responsive innovation


Webinar 1The end of the iron age: Building a private cloud infrastructure

Webinar 2Design your hybrid cloud for the end user—or fail

Webinar 3: Expanding your cloud with containers for quick, responsive innovation


WEBINAR 3: Expanding your cloud with containers for quick, responsive innovation

Increasingly, more organizations are looking to easily build cloud-native applications, deploy them, and manage workloads across a hybrid cloud without sacrificing existing investments. The promise of deploying containers to a hybrid cloud is great—delivering a scalable and workload-driven IT platform with installation integration points that facilitate quick, responsive innovation.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud and get the most value from open source technology platforms. We'll cover:

  • How using Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform can expand the flexibility of Red Hat OpenStack® Platform to take full advantage of your cloud infrastructure.
  • Integration points, such as load balancers, node scale-out, avoiding double encapsulation, support for containerized development, persistent object and block storage, autoscaling for virtual machines, and bare metal as a potential service for physical servers.
  • How Red Hat Consulting can help you more quickly make these components work with a well-rounded adoption program to speed up your journey to hybrid cloud.


Live-event date: Thursday, November 1, 2018 | 12 p.m. ET

On-demand event date: Available for one year afterward.


Brent Roskos

principal cloud architect, Red Hat

Brent Roskos is a principal architect with over 25 years of experience delivering technology strategy and business solutions to domestic and global Fortune 500 companies in the entertainment, medical, investment management, banking, and telecom industries. As an enterprise architect, Brent has a successful track record of designing and deploying high-capacity and high-availability data management solutions, as well as leading and managing complex technical projects.

Raffaele Spazzoli

senior architect, OpenShift, Red Hat

Raffaele Spazzoli has more than 15 years of experience in application and enterprise architecture. Recently, he expanded his horizons by also working in infrastructure to help him really understand DevOps. In the process, Raffaele started working with OpenShift® and fell in love with it.