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A 4-part webinar series

Join us in this four-part webinar series as we share the benefits and advantages of migrating from CentOS Linux® to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a consistent, intelligent operating foundation for modern IT and enterprise hybrid cloud deployments and delivers optimal benefits for your organization. Since CentOS Linux is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources, you can continue to use many of the same techniques and elements while gaining more features, tools, support, and value with minimal retraining.

We encourage you to attend each session to fully understand the benefits of migrating to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription and the support Red Hat can offer.

Speaker: Eric "IT Guy" Hendricks, Operations Advocate, Red Hat

Eric Hendricks is a technical contributor for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the host of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Presents, a podcaster, and an open source advocate. With 15 years of IT experience, Eric started as a systems administrator specializing in Linux before joining the Red Hat Enterprise Linux team.

Webinar 1: Three ways to modernize and standardize your Linux infrastructure

Available on-demand.

Webinar 2: Find out what you're missing when you choose no-cost Linux  

Available on-demand.

Webinar 3: CentOS Linux is reaching the end of life. Now what?

Available on-demand.

Webinar 4: New access options for Red Hat Enterprise Linux for enterprise development teams

Available on-demand.