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Going digital—What can the enterprise learn from IT?

Watch recording from October 9, 2019

The term "digital transformation" may have been coopted by marketing, but it is very real. Around two-thirds of European CEOs are under pressure to make it work. In 2019 alone, European enterprises will invest €229m ($259m) into the technology component of digital transformation. Given all that money and pressure, we would expect things to be further along. But well over half of European enterprises still do ad hoc projects or work within silos of innovation. Data and systems remain separated or only partially integrated. And even when technology is in place, enterprises wrestle with creating processes and cultures that foster innovation and cross-functional collaboration. Join Red Hat and IDC to discuss the business side of going digital—and what the business can learn from forward-looking CIOs and tech team adoption of open transformation.

Jen Thomson IDC

Jennifer Thomson

Senior Research Director & Lead Accelerated App Delivery Practice, IDC

Jen Thomson is an IDC senior research director with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Jen leads the Accelerated App Delivery Practice for IDC in Europe and provides insights on the investment strategies and decisions of European enterprises as they transition to modern application architectures. Her research explores the new rules for apps dev and deploy in a digital economy and how this impacts enterprise IT organizational structures, culture, processes, tools, and skill sets. Jen is also an active member of the digital transformation practice with a special research focus on: DevOps for digital, agile business transformation, the role of analytics and AI in DevOps.

Mark Yates IDC

Mark Yates

Research Manager, Digital Transformation and Customer Experience, Europe, IDC

Mark brings more than 20 years' experience to his role as a digital transformation analyst. Working closely with other analysts and consultants, he helps translate the tenets of digital transformation and customer experience into practical strategies and actions. He identifies emerging business models that can upend cash cows and generate new revenue streams. Mark helps firms identify pain points and the obstacles preventing rapid transformation and better outcomes. He also assesses market dynamics to determine which technologies will be hot and where IT suppliers and enterprises should invest their time and talent.

Margaret Dawson

Vice President, Portfolio Product Marketing, Red Hat

A 20-year tech industry veteran, Margaret is vice president of portfolio product marketing at Red Hat. She is a proven entrepreneur and intrapreneur, having led successful initiatives at several startups and Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon, Microsoft and HPE. Margaret is a frequent author and speaker on digital disruption, emerging technologies, open source, and women leadership.