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The great escape: Migrating to a modern virtualized environment

Watch recording from September 6, 2018

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As organizations face pressure to reduce operational costs and become more agile, it's critical that IT support a diverse environment, where traditional applications can coexist with dynamic and cloud-native applications. However, transitioning from legacy, proprietary infrastructure to a managed cloud infrastructure that consists of both traditional and modern components can be daunting.  

In this webinar, we'll discuss an approach to radically simplify the process of migrating workloads from legacy platforms. Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Methods for building a robust, flexible computing infrastructure to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), improve provisioning time, deliver services faster, and streamline processes. 
  • Best practices for organizing workloads into manageable groups and automating migration in a policy-driven manner using Red Hat® Virtualization, Red Hat CloudForms® , and Red Hat Ansible® Automation.
  • How several customers have successfully solved this problem, reduced transition costs, and increased control of their environment.


Live-event date: Thursday, September 6, 2018 | 11 a.m. ET

Bill Helgeson

senior principal domain architect, Red Hat

Bill Helgeson is a senior principal architect at Red Hat with 20 years experience in networking, automation, virtualization, and cloud computing. He helps architect and implement cloud migration solutions and translate business needs into use cases and IT solutions. 

Matt Nolan

senior cloud architect, Red Hat

Matt Nolan is a senior cloud architect at Red Hat who helps deliver cloud IaaS solutions to deploy and manage thousands of systems across private and public clouds globally.