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Launching the new Red Hat Technology Reseller Program

Watch recording from March 5, 2020

Partners are central to the success of Red Hat's business, which is built on the power of community. Organizations are increasingly turning to enterprise open source solutions to support business transformation initiatives, creating an opportunity for Red Hat and our partners to expand our joint efforts to meet their needs.

To make sure Red Hat's partner programs align with this opportunity, we are transitioning the Red Hat® Corporate Reseller Program to a new Red Hat Technology Reseller Program, which launches on March 2, 2020. Current members of the Corporate Reseller Program should join this webinar to:

  • Learn what's new in the Technology Reseller Program.
  • Discover the benefits of the transition.
  • Understand the requirements of the new program.
  • Ask questions about the change.

Sam Taha

Sam Taha

Senior Partner Program Manager, EMEA, Red Hat

Sam Taha has 15 years of channel experience with software vendors including Red Hat, Microsoft, and VMware. Sam joined Red Hat in 2011 as Program Manager, EMEA. He is responsible for balancing the program's benefits and requirements, developing processes, and leading other partner related programs such as the EMEA Opportunity Reward Program.