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Modernize your application infrastructure with virtual machines in containers

Watch recording from September 24, 2020
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A common challenge in adopting a modern hybrid cloud environment is modernizing applications built to run in virtual machines (VMs), which have lots of legacy dependencies. While the promise of containers and Kubernetes is enticing, getting there can feel daunting.  What if you could run your VM-based applications alongside your newer, container-based applications and retool them at your own pace?  

Red Hat® OpenShift® Virtualization, based on the open source project KubeVirt, supports VMs running within Kubernetes and a Kubernetes management paradigm. End users can manage both VMs and containers in a single control plane giving them the flexibility to modernize their applications over time or continue to support them in VMs. Choosing the right underlying storage to deploy these applications can deliver a more effective and efficient solution for your business. 

In this webinar, we’ll review OpenShift Virtualization and describe how Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage plays an important role in simplifying management and improving performance of VM and container workloads.
In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Trends in application modernization and their implications on containers and VMs. 
  • Managing containers and virtual machines together with OpenShift Virtualization.
  • Why OpenShift Container Storage for OpenShift Virtualization.
  • Demo of  installing, configuring, and managing OpenShift Virtualization and OpenShift Container Storage, including live VM migration.


Live-event date: Thursday, September 24, 2020 | 11 a.m. ET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterwards.

Aubrey Muhlach

Product Marketing Manager, OpenShift and Virtualization, Red Hat

Aubrey Muhlach is a Product Marketing Manager for Red Hat’s cloud platforms business working on OpenShift and virtualization technologies. Aubrey joined Red Hat just over a year ago after various roles supporting storage and DevOps initiatives. 

Chris Blum

Senior Storage Architect, Cloud Storage and Data Services, Red Hat

Chris Blum is a Senior Storage Architect developing technical enablement tools and performance testing of Kubernetes-based workloads with Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage. Previously, he worked for IONOS, one of Europe's largest hosting companies and cloud infrastructure solution specialists, developing Kubernetes and microservices tools and workflows.