The open road to telecommunications transformation—a webinar series

Watch recording from February 28, 2019


This 4-part webinar series addresses key business issues that telecommunications companies face as they evolve beyond providing connectivity and communications to providing intelligent digital services. Sessions include:

  • Part 1: Plan and invest for agile service delivery
  • Part 2: Embrace the ecosystem
  • Part 3: Develop a culture of innovation
  • Part 4: Grow your market by diversifying services

Join Dr. Ray Mota, chief executive officer and principal analyst at ACG Research, and Tom Waldrop, director of Red Hat Consulting's global telecommunications practice, as they lay out the open road to telecommunications transformation.


The open road to telecommunications transformation part 1: Plan and invest for agile service delivery

The telecommunications industry is on an irreversible path to accelerate innovation and transform the world: our cars, our cities, the way we deliver healthcare, and more. Customers expect services on demand, dynamic cost management, and automated performance optimization. New, agile service providers are increasing investment in CapEx at a 24% higher annual growth rate than traditional service providers to accommodate them.

In this webinar, ACG Research’s Ray Mota will share a view of web-scale providers’ infrastructure spending forecasts and recommend investment shifts that can make service providers more competitive. Red Hat’s Tom Waldrop will share how Red Hat is helping traditional service providers replicate the business agility of web-scale providers and over-the-top disruptors.

During the webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Observations of risk tolerance in the current landscape.
  • Web-scale service provider spending patterns and investment priorities.
  • The costs and consequences of being late to market.
  • How big bets will help increase margin revenue in 2022.
  • Best practices for planning, architecting, and automating service delivery.


The open road to telecommunications transformation part 2: Embrace the ecosystem

The traditional model of service providers offering an integrated stack of infrastructure and connectivity services is quickly becoming obsolete. Increasingly, digital service providers must operate as part of an ecosystem that includes vendors, industry bodies, regulators and competitors, and other service providers and customers. Supplier-customer relationships must evolve to address new B2B, B2C, and B2B2C business models.

In this webinar, ACG Research’s Ray Mota and Red Hat’s Tom Waldrop will share examples of operators, vendors, network equipment providers, and others collaborating and cooperating to provide new services and improve the customer experience.

During the webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Competitors becoming partners and everybody winning.
  • Innovating in the open source community leading to faster, better improvements.
  • Enabling developers leading to expanded service provider offerings and new revenue.
  • Recommendations for assembling, operating, and governing solutions based on hybrid technology stacks.


The open road to telecommunications transformation part 3: Develop a culture of innovation

Agility and innovation require more than technology. A culture that accepts risk (even failure) and encourages creative thinking, collaboration, and continuous learning is also essential.

ACG Research’s Dr. Ray Mota shares examples of cultural transformation in the telecommunications industry and the impact on hiring, planning, investing, and changing the customer conversation. Red Hat shares how open source community practices can help transform cultural norms.

During the webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Creating an environment that encourages innovation and creativity.
  • Creating incentives to reward innovation.
  • Creating the appropriate financial strategy and metrics that will support innovation, as well as an elastic infrastructure and agile go-to-market strategy.
  • Measuring your readiness to innovate.


The open road to telecommunications transformation part 4: Grow your market by diversifying services

As their traditional business matures, service providers are increasingly moving to offer services in adjacent industries, using their superior connectivity resources to find new ways to create value at the application level. Pursuing adjacent industries necessitates that the service provider adopts the right framework, which includes the right ecosystem and service deployment model. ACG Research‘s Dr. Ray Mota shares examples of service providers making strides in IoT, mobile banking, media and other adjacent-industry initiatives.

During the webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Cohesive ecosystems, tight and agile partnerships, and vertical industry expertise.
  • New business relationships with customers, competitors, "co-opetitors," and other players.
  • Connections for active engagement in adjacent industries.

Dr. Ray Mota, Ph.D.

Chief executive officer and principal analyst, ACG Research

Dr. Mota previously served as chief strategist and president at Synergy Research Group Inc. Ray has more than 24 years of experience in the networking and telecommunications market, specializing in design, implementation and troubleshooting. He has honed his industry experience and expertise as a user, network integrator, and senior manager during his tenures at Aberdeen Group, ManageAll, Micros-To-Mainframes, Advanced Technology Group and Eastman Kodak. Dr. Mota has been the keynote speaker for Internet World (Amsterdam), E-Services World (Paris), Business Journal Summit, and Hewlett Packard Executive 2000. He has also been a presenter at the Columbia Business School. His commentaries and analyses have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Telecom Magazine, MSNBC, CNN Money, Forbes, Fortune, NY Times, SF Chronicle, and other publications.

Tom Waldrop Director

Global Telecommunications Practice, Consulting Services, Red Hat

As Red Hat's global leader of telecommunications services, Tom Waldrop helps service providers embrace cloud and network virtualization using best practices that accelerate the path to sustainable value. His worldwide team manages implementation of Red Hat's open solutions, and offers technology certification and training, as well as support for the cultural challenges implicit in using open source to virtualize businesses that have historically been built on proprietary brands.