Open Source for Good: Powering Eco-smart cities with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs and FIWARE

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Cities and territories are responsible for delivering a good quality of life to their residents despite facing growing and complex environmental, economic, and social challenges. To succeed, city officials and public sector decision-makers need access to technology to help them make the right decisions for both the citizens and the environment. However, their biggest challenge is to effectively gather and process the available data while building and deploying a smart city solution. 

To solve this issue and scale it to others worldwide, the Red Hat® Social Innovation Program began a cross-sector collaboration with the FIWARE Foundation and HOPU. During a purpose-driven residency powered by Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, the teams successfully built an integrated, open source solution designed to improve livability and environmental sustainability. 

During this discussion, you’ll learn:

  • Why adopting open standards and open source is key for cities to build eco-smart technological solutions
  • How Red Hat and FIWARE collaborated to build a solution deployed efficiently in less time on Red Hat OpenShift® Container Platform with an architecture that fits a hybrid cloud approach
  • How to develop tools to support a digital marketplace of interoperable and replicable solutions for smart cities

Live event date: Wednesday, August 24, 2022 | 11 a.m. ET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.


Alexandra Machado

Alexandra Machado

Senior Program Manager, Social Innovation - Customer Success, Red Hat

Alexandra is the Senior Program Manager of the Red Hat Social Innovation Program, which she started and now leads. Her Red Hat journey began more than six years ago in the services organization as a Delivery Manager and then a Consulting Sales Manager for North America, covering 80 plus accounts across the North Eastern region. Alexandra is a thought leader in the open source and social innovation space and is passionate about defining new and better technological and cultural corporate strategies that will help the world be better equipped to overcome big shared global problems.

Juanjo Hierro

Juanjo Hierro

Chief Technology Officer, FIWARE

Juanjo is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the FIWARE Foundation, Chairman of the FIWARE Technical Steering Committee, and coordinating FIWARE Tech Roadmap. He also supports the development of the vision and value proposition of FIWARE in the several domains where it is applied. His leading role in several standardizations and open source initiatives throughout his career has allowed him to gain a deep understanding of the power of open source as an instrument for driving the definition of open standards, as well as the implications and challenges of creating an open source community.


FIWARE brings a curated framework of open source software platform components which can be assembled together and with other third-party components to build platforms supporting the development of Smart Solutions faster, easier and cheaper. The FIWARE Context Broker, core component in FIWARE, supports an open standard API (NGSI-LD) for getting access to Digital Twin data required in any Smart Solution. Besides, it provides complementary components easing the connection to the Internet of Things, supporting Real-time BigData analysis, implementing AI/ML functions or integrating with blockchain. FIWARE has been adopted by more than 250 cities worldwide becoming a de-facto standard and is gradually growing in adoption in other domains (smart agrifood, smart manufacturing, smart water, smart energy, smart building, …). More info about FIWARE can be found at its website (http://fiware.org), YouTube channel or following @FIWARE on Twitter and LinkedIn.