OpenStack for Big Data means big business

Watch recording from October 2, 2018

OpenStack for Big Data means big business

Industries across the globe such as retail, healthcare and law enforcement have infinite amounts of data that must be easy to access and highly organized. With Red Hat OpenStack, industries can do just that. OpenStack is a software-defined computer infrastructure that allows customers to issue commands and create resources without acquiring their own supercomputer. Healthcare, retail and law enforcement industries are considered "big data" industries because they analyze large amounts of data, often for research purposes.

This webinar outlines the benefits of OpenStack for these industries. Healthcare businesses are almost entirely using electronic systems to store their data. However, this brings up issue of cost and security due to laws like HIPAA. Red Hat OpenStack provides a way for big data to work for these industries such as healthcare. For healthcare as well as law enforcement and retail, Red Hat OpenStack provides fast paced open source project innovation and maintenance of a stable platform for production deployment. 


Jonathan Gershater

Senior principal product marketing manager, Cloud Platform, Red Hat

Jonathan Gershater focuses on cloud and virtualization. He has experience with AWS, AzureStack, Containers, VMware, and OpenStack. At Red Hat, Jonathan focuses on competitive differentiation for Red Hat’s virtualization and cloud solutions.