A pragmatic approach to AI-driven business automation

Watch recording from January 15, 2020

Businesses want to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to capitalize on the vast amount of data available, especially when working with new partnerships and in new ecosystems. Who would’ve thought that KLM, a Dutch airline, would actively promote a train trip for short travels, rather than a flight?1

90% of the data that exists in the world today was generated during the last 2 years.2 Yes, you read that correctly. And according to Gartner, global AI-derived business value will reach nearly 3.9 trillion USD by 2022.3 In other words, AI means business. But scientific approaches, frameworks, and data-modelling alone will not deliver any of that business value. 

Join this webinar to learn about some pragmatic approaches that have helped businesses achieve business goals of $US100M, and more, per year. You'll hear how some businesses apply AI-driven business automation, and you’ll also see a demo of how that works in practice. AI-driven business automation helps businesses:

  • Incorporate predictive analytics into their decision management and process-driven applications
  • Create intelligent, automated systems that help them better interpret and respond to changing market dynamics.
  • Improve customer experience and their bottom-line result

Leave this webinar inspired to achieve business results through AI.

Ronald Meuwsen

Business Development Manager, Red Hat

Ronald Meuwsen helps businesses and organizations innovate and grow. He’s a strong believer that moving to cloud-native application development, a process-driven approach, and a collaborative culture are key elements in achieving that innovation and growth.

Duncan Doyle

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Duncan Doyle is the technical marketing manager for Red Hat® Decision Manager and Red Hat Process Automation Manager. With a background in Red Hat consulting and services, Duncan has worked extensively with large Red Hat customers to build advanced, open-source, decision management and business process management solutions.

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