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Process automation management

Watch recording from October 23, 2019

The value that you deliver to your customers is directly linked to the quality of your business processes. Effective and timely execution of these processes has become a key business differentiator. Case, process, and rules automation are an essential part of the delivery of that customer value and of your digital journey. The trend towards cloud- and container-native deployment means that the architecture and delivery of those automation components is also changing.

Join this webinar to understand how business automation applications are changing and how Red Hat technology can help you build cloud-native process applications.

Waqaas Kausar

Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat

Waqaas is a Principal Solution Architect at Red Hat, focusing on middleware technologies. Waqaas has been working with the banking and insurance sectors for 15 years and has over 20 years experience in leading middleware and application technologies, with a particular interest in process driven applications, business rules, integration, and APIs.