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Virtual event

Realize the Intelligent Enterprise with SAP and Red Hat

Watch recording from November 21, 2019

Event overview

Red Hat and SAP help companies plan and execute every aspect of their digital transformation. Our combined technologies enable customers to develop a compelling digital enterprise platform strategy, based on state-of-the-art IT and data infrastructure, unleashing the value of real-time business data access for better insights and decision making. 

Attend this half-day event and hear from industry thought leaders, deep dive technical insights and customer examples. Following the keynote, there will be parallel tracks covering business, technical and alliance partner solutions. 

Join and gain insight on how to:

  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Manage and automate your SAP environment
  • Deploy Red Hat SAP solutions in the public cloud. 

Live-event date: Thursday, November 21, 2019 | 2 p.m. CET

Duration: 3 hours


2.00 - 3:00 pm CET

KEYNOTE: SAP & Red Hat - an Introduction

Joe Zarb, Vice President at SAP & Jochen Glaser, Global Head of SAP Business at Red Hat

Hear about innovation updates and the strategic roadmap for Red Hat for SAP solutions. Learn about how Red Hat and SAP deliver the Intelligent Enterprise.

3.00 - 4.00 pm CET

Transform for future success

Business Breakout

Fuel your SAP transformation plans

Wolfgang Bausch, Business Development Manager at Red Hat

Whether you're planning to deploy your SAP systems in a public/private or hybrid cloud - Red Hat helps you to best deploy and manage your SAP solutions, by zeroing in on downtime, simplifying operations, and also powering innovative solutions like SAP Data Hub and SAP Leonardo.

Technical Breakout

RHEL for SAP Solutions - Architecture and Roadmap

Arne Arnold, Senior Principal Product Manager at Red Hat

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 for SAP Solutions is an intelligent OS designed to provide a solid foundation that spans the hybrid cloud and one that fuels mission-critical workloads. It provides several capabilities to improve performance of modern workloads including SAP HANA. Based on more than 25 years of customer support experience and learnings from 1,000,000+ support cases, it also provides predictive operating system analytics and SAP-specific rules to more quickly discover whether or not your SAP deployment is running optimally. When combined with the live patching capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions, IT operations teams can lean on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions and Red Hat Insights to not only find and analyze potential problems, but also fix them more quickly with little-to-no production downtime. Listen in to hear more about this very special offering for SAP workloads, it components and architecture, as well as current certified releases & upcoming roadmap.

Partner Breakout

The SAP platform of 'choice'

Fernando Castillo, Head SAP Business at AWS

SAP and AWS have collaborated since 2011 to certify AWS for production deployments of SAP applications, platforms, and databases. SAP, AWS and Red Hat can accelerate time-to-value, improve operational and cost efficiencies, and operate with optimum security. Hear how to take advantage of the broadest and deepest set of native cloud services for SAP solutions with AWS, SAP and Red Hat.

Migrate SAP workloads to IBM Cloud and Red Hat to reduce cost, increase agility and improve time to market

Bradley Knapp, Offering Manager, IBM Cloud for SAP at IBM

Join Bradley to learn how IBM Cloud, Red Hat, and SAP are working together to design, develop, and deploy new solution stacks to make it easier, faster, and more economical to move your SAP workloads from on-premises environments into the Cloud designed for Enterprise. Learn how IBM Cloud has collected and curated the best possible combination of cloud infrastructure, software, and platform services to support your company's needs, whether you're a new SAP customer deploying your first ERP or a 30 year customer with a 50 landscape install base.

Digital Transformation with Microsoft, SAP and Red Hat

Chris Dearing, Director, SAP Partner Ecosystem at Microsoft

Enterprises around the world have long put their trust in SAP to manage their business operations, and in Microsoft for enterprise-ready productivity tools and cloud infrastructure, and in RedHat to provide a leading modern enterprise Linux platform. More recently, those same customers have turned to us because they recognize the companies as innovators and pacesetters in solutions to address their digital transformation needs. Learn how you can benefit from the deep expertise of these companies to plan and guide your SAP Journey to Cloud.

4.00 - 5.00 pm CET

Bridge your clouds . Build your future

Business Breakout

Reduced Downtime for SAP Software with Red Hat

Jessica Heath, Senior Alliance Manager for SAP at Red Hat

Downtime is bad for business. A single minute of downtime costs the average customer of SAP enterprise software upwards of $5,000. Learn to assess the true cost of downtime in SAP systems and see how Red Hat is helping SAP customers eliminate downtime for SAP environments based on the SAP HANA platform. With Red Hat, you can potentially return enormous cost savings to your organization. Learn how through this session.

Technical Breakout

Plan for a Smooth Journey to SAP S/4HANA in the public cloud

Sherry Yu, Principal partner success architect, SAP Solutions at Red Hat

As many SAP customers will be required to migrate to SAP HANAⓇ by 2025, it represents a perfect opportunity to modernize the data center with the premier partners for SAP HANA. Join us to learn how Red Hat can help accelerate your journey to SAP S4/HANA on public cloud, including the technical considerations, solutions, and best practices for SAP HANA and cloud migration.

Partner Breakout

Delivering the Intelligent Enterprise with SAP, Lenovo and Red Hat

Allan Stone, SAP Solutions Product Manager at Lenovo

Lenovo is a SAP HANA and S/4HANA market leader and has shipped over 12,000 systems to customers worldwide. Clients recognize Lenovo for better business outcomes with industry leading SAP applications. Now Lenovo and Red Hat go further, and to help clients make the most sense out of their data, Lenovo introduced Intelligent Insights with SAP Data Hub. Intelligent Insights permits faster, more informed decision making. Lenovo and Red Hat support the Intelligent insights solution, and in this session, Allan Stone, Lenovo's WorldWide SAP Solutions Product Manager will explain how you too may be able to enhance your company's decision making.

Powering your SAP HANA solutions. Optimizing your ROI with Red Hat and IBM

Asim Khan, Program Director - Offering Management at IBM

Learn how thousands of clients are able to simplify and accelerate their journey to SAP HANA by deploying their environments on IBM Power Systems. Not only that, in a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study about SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, clients reported a 7 month payback. Join Asim to learn how clients are able to experience these benefits and more.

New business insights, faster, with Dell/EMC and Red Hat and SAP

Morten Loderup, Director, Technology Alliances – SAP and Big Data at DellEMC

Many companies are seeking to empower their organizations with deeper insights, and with information-driven decision making. Of course SAP clients often have vast amounts of data on their clients, orders, and products in their SAP solutions. Recently, Dell/EMC, SAP and Red Hat announced reference approaches that facilitate obtaining these deeper insights, including rapidly deploying " Big Data" solutions using SAP Data Hub.