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Red Hat Academy Learning Platform tutorial

Watch recording from November 16, 2020

The Red Hat Academy Learning Platform has launched! In order to better serve our Red Hat Academies around the world, we developed and designed this enhanced learning environment. With a new interface and improved user experience, students and instructors will be able to more easily navigate their courses, access supplemental learning materials, track course progress, and interact and engage with one another more effectively. 

The new portal allows instructors enhanced ease and flexibility in creating new classes, adding new instructors to an academy, consuming online training content, and communicating with their students. The interface has been optimized to be much more user-friendly, keeping in mind feedback from existing academies on the previous portal design. Academy Administrators and instructors will also be able to utilize the new system as a classroom management tool to track student progress, course consumption, create classes, grade assignments, build quizzes, easily communicate with students, and see overall progress. All users will also be able to see current Red Hat Academy news, upcoming events, and updates about our program and portal.

Join our webinar to learn:

  • What the new platform will look like. 
  • How to access resources and materials.
  • How to track student course completion and progress. 
  • How to add other instructors teaching RHA courses to your academy profile.
  • How to add students and classes.


Syed Ahmed

Manager, Technical Support, Red Hat

Syed Ahmed is an experienced professional with over 15 years of experience and has been associated with the Red Hat Academy (RHA) program for the last 3 years. He has overseen the development of the RHA Learning Portal after gathering feedback from our instructors and partners over the years. He is a big advocate of simplifying processes and making technology easier for end users to consume providing a positive learning experience.