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Virtual event

Red Hat at Game Developers Conference 2021

Watch recording from July 19, 2021
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Event Overview

Attending GDC 2021 this July? Connect with Red Hat to learn how open source is making an impact in the game development community from optimizing production pipelines to improving processes.  Talk with our experts and find out how your studio can benefit from open source!


Connect with Red Hat on July 23 @ 8:30am PDT

Open Source in Games: How to Save Your Studio Time and Effort

  Derek Reese, Principal Software Engineer


  Jared Sprague, Principal Software Engineer


  Roderick Kieley, Principal Software Engineer


Open source is everywhere. From development tools to production platforms, chances are your studio is already using open source. Adopting open source practices in your workflow and tools can save time, offer better results, and bring with it the support of an incredible community of developers around the world. We’ll cover the basics of open source; making legal, process, and best practices clear along with next steps for getting started today.

Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how to use open source software in their commercial games and production pipelines, as well as processes they can implement to improve game development at their studio as a whole with open source.

This is an All Audiences talk focused on the different tools and processes involved in using open source. It will appeal most to programmers and 3d artists, but topics ranging from legal and business to production are covered.

Live Q&A

Join our experts on Friday, July 23 @ 8:30am PDT for a live Q&A on all things open source and gaming. 

Red Hat Arcade

Check out the Red Hat Arcade, no quarters needed!

Video games are not commonly known for being open source--either themselves or in their development. Red Hat would like to see that change, and this year we launched Red Hat Arcade, where you can play open source games built by Red Hatters using open source tools, assets, and engines. 

Red Hat Swag

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Open Jam

Join Open Jam!

Open Jam is an annual Game Jam sponsored by Red Hat focused on open source games and game development tools.  This year's Game Jam will take place October 1-4 2021.  Join for a chance to be included in the Red Hat Arcade!


Stay up-to-date on the latest Red Hat technologies. Check out these resources before GDC 2021, or share them with your team after the event