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Virtual event

Red Hat at Google Cloud Next 2021

October 12, 2021, 12:00 p.m. UTC
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Attending Google Cloud Next 2021 this October? Connect with Red Hat to learn how Red Hat and Google Cloud deliver flexible, hybrid cloud solutions that help organizations transform their IT infrastructure and operations to be modern, agile and digital.



With Red Hat and Google Cloud solutions, you can build a hybrid cloud environment based on containers, unifying on-premise and cloud infrastructure for increased workload portability. Develop faster with advanced easy-to-use automation and iterative, transparent processes. Then unify, protect and analyze data and performance to deliver real-time insight and intelligence.

Speaking session

Connect with Red Hat by joining our speaking session at Google Cloud Next.

Jeff Ekstrom

Cloud Strategist, Red Hat

How Red Hat powers open hybrid cloud

Are you struggling with your hybrid cloud strategy? In this session, we will explore how Red Hat’s open source approach powers the platforms and tools that make true hybrid cloud workloads a possibility. Red Hat has pioneered delivering enterprise-grade open source technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, which are the underpinnings of hybrid cloud strategies. 

We will discuss how Red Hat’s mix of platforms, developer tools, and management capabilities let organizations modernize their traditional applications and architectures, improve the productivity of their development teams, and provide a true hybrid cloud experience. 

Partnered solutions

Red Hat and Google Cloud solutions

Red Hat and Google Cloud deliver flexible, hybrid cloud solutions that help organizations transform their IT infrastructure and operations to be modern, agile and digital.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP on Google Cloud

A high-performance platform for database operations that includes SAP specific content and features and allows organizations to deploy SAP across hybrid cloud environments.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of only two Linux distributions certified for use with SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA.

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud

A fully managed Kubernetes container platform service for building and scaling containerized applications, managed by Red Hat and hosted on Google Cloud. 

Google Cloud is the original designer of Kubernetes, and both Google Cloud and Red Hat continue to be top contributors to the open source project.

Red Hat Ansible®: Automate and deploy on Google Cloud

Resolve issues faster and more efficiently, creating more time for bigger issues and making automation an attainable goal.

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® on Google Cloud

Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud provides a consistent foundation for the enterprise hybrid cloud and a reliable, high performance operating environment for applications and cloud infrastructure.

Red Hat Cloud Access

Migrate your current Red Hat subscriptions to Google Cloud with Red Hat Cloud Access.

Reduce risk in financial services with Red Hat and Google Cloud

Reduce financial risk with a flexible security-focused hybrid cloud solution.

Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform

OpenShift Container Platform allows teams to create automated processes that span across the entire infrastructure, including the Google Cloud Platform.

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Customer story

Kohl’s, a long-time Red Hat Enterprise Linux customer, embarked on a hybrid cloud journey with both Red Hat and Google Cloud. Watch the video from Red Hat Summit 2018 and learn how the Red Hat & Kohl’s Google Cloud partnership came together.